Your walls have been freshly repainted and look stunning. You can sit back and relax but your window trims look anything but wonderful. Have the homeowners before you not been as careful or have tried to tackle some DIY painting yourself and your woodwork is now covered in splotches of wall paint? Does it look like your window trims and architraves will never be the same again? We agree it’s the worst! And a pet peeve of a lot of homeowners.

Don’t despair, here are our tips from our residential painter North Shore team

Tip 1: Fix flaws

Just like we say with house painting. Preparation is key! So, preparation is just as important with your woodwork. If you don’t have a perfect surface to paint or stain, then your finish will be lacking. And no one wants a subpar finish, do they?
Check your window trims and see if they have any dings, dents, scratches, loose nail holes or stray paint. Make sure you check from different angles too. Some imperfections are only visible depending on how the light catches them. And you don’t want to think you’re finished and have something come to your attention. So be thorough.
If you have stray paint from a previous residential painter or previous owners at your North Shore home, then you will need to clean it off. Depending on how lumpy and bumpy sanding may be required. Sometimes picking at it with your fingernail or a scraper if you prefer may be enough to dislodge it. But it will just depend.
If you or your residential house painter are going to us glossy paint, then remember imperfections will be even more visible. So, ensure your preparation is A1.

Tip 2: Product for your North Shore home

This is one of our important tips from our team of residential painters in North Shore. If you are tackling the job yourself then make sure you use the right type of product. Know what your goal is:

  • Longevity of the job,
  • Is the area a low or high traffic area? If high traffic, then hard wearing and longevity will again be important.
  • The finish style at the time – gloss, matte, etc
  • Colour – not everyone wants stain or white woodwork?

High gloss is what a professional residential painter normally recommends. It’s tougher and longer wearing for your North Shore home. Although some people do prefer a matte finish. It is a personal choice as well as weighing up the longevity of the project.
If you already have a painted surface, then repainting it is normally the quicker and more economical option.
Are you considering switching from paint to stain or stain to paint? It is possible but is more time consuming and therefore will be costlier but talk to your residential painter. It’s worth discussing with them what is involved, and they can assess what has been done/used on your woodwork.

Source: Maintaining My Home

Tip 3: Tape off

If you are not comfortable cutting in around your windows and walls, then use a quality painters tape. Don’t skimp on this if you are tackling the job yourself. We hear so many horror stories where people have finished all their painting. It all looks wonderful and fresh UNTIL they peel off the tape. And then it’s all downhill from there…….the paint has seeped under the tape and is now on your newly painted walls. Or even worse the paint peels off with the tape. I’m sure there’s many that cringe in thought and sympathy. And many that have been here and done this/experienced it.

Tip 4: To DIY or engage a local residential house painter

Now that you know what’s involved with our residential painter tips in North Shore. The big decision needs to be made. Will you DIY or engage an experienced house painter?
What do you think you will do?
We would, of course, recommend using a professional and experienced house painter. We here and see so many DIY projects gone wrong. Sometimes even where there’s been an injury. Ladders and scaffolding are normally required with a lot of painting projects and unfortunately, accidents do happen.
If you do decide to engage a house painter, then please contact us. We are well known around the North Shore and Northern Beaches area for our residential and commercial painting. We are experienced, fully licensed and insured and would love to have the opportunity to work with you.


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