Finding the right team to handle your commercial painting services isn’t always simple. There are many tasks that an experienced commercial painter performs that are often overlooked by sub-standard painters. Inexperienced commercial painters  don’t have the knowledge or expertise to professionally prepare surfaces for painting and often make mistakes that are easily avoided. As a business owner, every dollar that you spend counts. That means you have to find quality commercial painters that know how to do things correctly the first time by prepping, painting, and cleaning up your commercial property. Here are some reasons why you you can afford to pay for quality commercial painting services.

You get what you pay for (quality)

When Summit Coatings gives you an estimate on your commercial, residential, or strata painting job, you know exactly what it will cost to complete the job to master painter standards. Whereas many commercial painting companies may try to cut costs in order to win your bid, this will show in the final product. Commercial painters often won’t include prep work, the cost of the industry standard materials, and clean up. This means that you’ll end up paying more with another company if you want the job performed correctly. With all of our estimates, we explain exactly what work we will complete and explain why this cost will help you receive a quality final product. We include every step of the painting process in our estimate so that your job is completed from beginning to end without any additional costs driving the price of our services up.

Using inexperienced painters will cost your business more

Getting quality commercial painting services isn’t just about painting your walls quickly. It’s important that a superior commercial painter preps all of the surfaces before painting, selects the right primer so that the actual paint adheres and lasts for years to come, and uses the best materials for the job. Not only will experienced painters understand about a variety of materials that will lengthen the lifetime of your commercial painting, but they’ll also save you money by fixing any surface errors before painting so that you don’t have to pay to get the same work completed twice because of a failure to correctly prepare.

A commercial paint job is a tax deduction

As a business owner, there are many tax deductions you’re eligible for when it comes to performing maintenance and repairs to your business premises. In Australia, fixing walls and other surfaces as well as painting are tax deductible. Because you’ll be saving money on taxes, it’s important to receive quality commercial painting services from professionals who will mind your business. A quality painter will minimise reductions to your business so that your team can focus on doing what it does best – satisfying and caring for your customers. The high quality work that you receive will not only pay off when you don’t need to paint for another 10 years, but it also gives you a great tax incentive that allows for you to pay for the highest quality commercial painting services available.
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