Are you a strata owner or body corporate member? Then you will know the importance of using a professional strata painter in Sydney. Also, the importance of staying up to date with the property maintenance including the painting. The exterior painting maintenance can be a huge job for some strata property managers but then also with the internal common areas too.
When it comes to painting a strata property there are many different working parts involved. From dealing with the strata manager or body corporate, dealing and communicating with the tenants and strata owners as well as the general public depending on where and how the strata property is positioned. As well as dealing with local councils in some cases. Which is why we recommend only dealing with a very experienced and professional strata painter in Sydney like Summit Coatings. We have been at it for over 30 years so have worked in many situations and have perfected it all. We have also won many awards with the Master Painters Association of NSW for our strata painting work.

Only contract an experienced strata painter Sydney

If you are new to strata management or body corporates, then you need a painter that is experienced with large jobs. Not all painters or painting companies are experienced with large jobs of this nature.
When it comes to strata properties there can be quite a few obstacles to manage:

  • High rise buildings which mean painters need to be licensed and capable to work off heights
  • Stairwells which present awkward angles and tenant access to manage
  • Communication with strata managers, body corporate, tenants/property owners

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or area of expertise. Strata painting is quite a niche area and there are a lot of balls to juggle. We have written an article previously “Why we recommend using strata painters for strata properties” which we recommend reading also.

Summit Coatings are specialist and professional strata painters in Sydney

At Summit Coatings we specialise in undertaking professional strata painting. We are well known around the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney and have undertaken many strata properties and commercial properties that can be quite complex.
We specialise in excelling at communicating with all parties involved – strata managers, body corporates, tenants/property owners. No job is too big or too small.
We are also registered with the Master Painters Association of NSW who have a code of conduct we must abide by. If you are looking for experienced strata painters in your area then contact the Master Painters Association in your area and ask for a recommendation.

Strata painters coming in on budget and time

Painting your strata property is one of the most expensive parts of owning and managing a strata property so you want to ensure it is done correctly. When you are dealing with strata properties too it’s important that they come in on time and on budget.
Strata painting usually means the properties can be a multi storey or high-rise which means specialised equipment may be needed in the way of extra scaffolding and or cherry pickers. This also means that your strata painters will need to hold certificates and licenses to use this type of equipment as well as working from heights.

Why keeping up the painting on a strata property is so important

Painting is a lot more than aesthetically pleasing too. Paint plays a big part in protecting your strata property from the elements. Paint acts as a protective layer between the elements and the building substrate whether it be timber, brick, concrete, etc.
It’s also important that your strata painter in Sydney uses the right paint for the job too. So exterior paint is used on the exterior and interior paint is used for the internal paint work. It’s also very important that the right paint is used for the material/substrate that your strata painter is using too. And the right paint is used for high traffic areas, etc too.
You want to ensure you get a professional long last paint finish and by your strata painter using the right paint and the right tools for the job will ensure this occurs.


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