Repainting your home is one of the cheapest ways to give your North Shore home a fresh look, but with many renovators looking to save money, is a DIY paint job really the best option?

In the last few years, Australia has seen a 10% drop in paint being sold to DIY North Shore painters. Many of our clients choose to hire Master Painters like Summit Coatings instead of battling their way through paint tins, dirty brushes and stained floors, and for good reason. Whilst many believe they will be saving money though avoiding the costs of paying a professional, here are 7 reasons it pays to use a professional:

1. Is it really cost saving?

By using a professional North Shore painter, you have access to wholesale trade prices for paint and all other materials required for your job. How much will all of your drop sheets, new rollers, handles, brushes, ladders and other materials cost you, and what about the paint? And when are you likely to use them again? A professional painter has all of these materials on hand, plus you’re saving on the actual cost of the paint.

2. Do you really have the time?

Take it from someone who’s been painting on the North Shore for over 30 years; it’s a full-time job. Whilst you might expect to have the lounge room completed in a weekend, it’s wishful thinking and you’ll end up living in a half painted room with plastic covers on your couch until you have time to pick up the brush again. And with many people becoming more and more time-poor due to work and family commitments, painting your own home will come with a few lifestyle sacrifices.
And anyone who has painted their own home will agree that there’s never enough paint in the tin to finish the job, which might see you running back to the shop every few hours (and no one likes getting paint on their car seats…).

3. Unforeseen (medical) costs

Is a trip to the emergency room included in your DIY plan? In the interest of your own health & safety, we would always recommend using a professional North Shore painter. Ladders can be high, and professional painters are required by law to adhere to the OHS standards to ensure all painters are safe at work. This includes the use of scaffolding instead of ladders, as well as safety harnesses and other equipment the DIY’er probably won’t have around the house. You might think you can quickly climb up that ladder to get that top weatherboard, but is a three story fall really work the risk?

4. It’s not as simple as you think

Do the window frames need re-timbering? Have the kids made a few dents in the walls? Is your home suffering from concrete cancer or rising damp? All of these issues might not be obvious to the untrained eye, however could have disastrous effects on the quality and lifespan of your paint job.
You might imagine that to give that room an on-trend look is just a matter of picking the right colour, opening the tin and dipping in the paint-brush; let me tell you, it’s not. The benefit of using a professional North Shore Master Painter is their ability to anticipate the road-blocks before they happen.

5. Prep isn’t fun, but it’s the most important part of the job

Further to the point above, applying the colour is actually the last (and smallest) part of a quality paint job. Preparation is key. This includes sanding, base coats, any remedial building work (filling holes, replacing window balustrades) and a range of other treatments which ensure your paint job looks its best and lasts its longest.

6. Prevention is better than a cure

What does this have to do with painting? I’ve had a number of clients call us because they’ve tried to tackle a DIY paint job and made a few mistakes on the way. This means, not only do we need to complete the paint job, but we also have to rectify the mistakes made in the first place. One easy example I’ve seen time and again is using water-based paint over the top of existing oil-based paint – it’s not going to end well and will leave you with flaking paint after only a few weeks.
Your home is an asset which you need to maintain and take care of. For example, would you feel comfortable servicing your own car? Sure you could change the oil and have a quick look under the hood, but there’s also a big chance you’ll miss something which could cost you more to fix in the future, than the original car service fee.

7. Master Painters do it best

Master Painters like Summit Coatings will always deliver a top quality finish which will last. It might cost you a little more in the initial outlay, but it means your home will look fantastic, and will keep looking that way for a lot longer than just slapping on some coats of paint on your day off. We pay special attention to the little details which make a big difference.

If you would like to see how cost-effective it is to hire a professional call Summit Coatings – your North Shore painter today for an obligation-free quotation on 02 9973 3131.