If you own a heritage home, you’re no doubt aware of the intricacies which come with period features and the upkeep of older materials. This is why, when it comes to a heritage home repaint, it’s important to use an experienced heritage home painter. Even if you have your heritage colours sorted, they will only look as good as the skills of the painter. Here’s why it’s important to always use an experienced heritage home painter:

They can identify repairs for a heritage home repaint

An experienced heritage home painter will be able to identify any remedial building repairs which need doing. Like with all painting, it’s not just the application of paint coats which results in a quality job – they key is always preparation. That’s why, if there are underlying building issues, the paint job won’t last and won’t look any good. Summit Coatings understands this, which is why we offer carpentry services as part of our jobs. Of course, if a homeowner has a preferred builder they like to work with, that’s never a problem. However many clients like to know the entire job is being taken care of without too much hassle for them. Heritage homes, due to their age, tend to have more issues for rectification than a standard paint project.

They can distinguish previous paint products

Did you know that the type of new paint products being used are dependant on what’s gone on a surface previously? As a very basic example, you can’t just directly apply water-based paint to a surface previously painted with oil-paint. Why? The product won’t “stick”, and you’ll be left with peeling paint in no time. Unfortunately, heritage home repaints are notorious for working around different paint products. Simply due to the age of the home, there could be many layers of paint on one single area. An experienced heritage home painter will be able to identify what materials have been used, and how to ensure new products applied go the distance.

A heritage home repaint comes with a lot of detail

Being part of the charm, heritage homes often have many intricate features. These details require a high amount of cutting in, and special attention, to ensure even paint coverage and a neat finish. Only an experienced heritage home painter can achieve a quality finish on even the most difficult surfaces. An average painter may slip up, which will either leave you with a messy finish, or take them double the time to complete. And even if you’re paying by the job (not the hour), you don’t want a contractor taking up more time in your home than necessary. An experienced heritage home painter will get the job done quicker, and with a better finish.
If you’re looking to complete a heritage home repaint, be sure to contact Summit Coatings today. We are experienced heritage home painters, with award-winning heritage painting services.