If you’ve ever been a member of a body corporate or executive committee, you’ll know that they’re made up from a range of different owner types (residents, investors etc.) and personality types. At Summit Coatings, we’ve worked with enough executive committees to know when it comes to making unanimous decisions, it can get a little rough.
Colour selection is a subjective, personal choice. Choosing colours for your property can be one of the most difficult things, and that’s just when it’s you and your partner weighing in on the choices. Imagine sharing the task with ten more of your fellow strata property owners, with nothing in common between you but an address!
To make this decision easier for executive committees, Summit offers its clients an affordable colour consulting service to help make the hard choices. If you’re wondering why executive committees should use a colour consultant, read on.

They do the hard work for you

Have you seen a colour swatch lately? Those lovely fans of colour can make things more difficult for the average person not in the know. Never mind fifty shades of grey, try unlimited. So when you and your executive committee decide you would like a “light grey facade”, it’s now up to the colour consultant to head off and find the right shade which works with your building style, surroundings and environment. You can rest easy and wait for the shortlist of colours to come to you.

They’re experts

How is that colour consultants know the exact right shade for your property? Colour consultants are not only up-to-date with the latest trends, but work with paint colours daily to know what works and what doesn’t. Whilst a particular colour might look great on a 2cm swatch, they can advise if the actual application of this colour appears darker, lighter, fantastic or absolutely overwhelming on a 20-storey building. Why? They’ve probably used it before somewhere and seen how it reacts. What’s more, professional colour consultants are trained to consider elements which the regular property owners might dismiss. How does the light hit the building? Will the neighbour’s choice in colour impact the colour? How will the guttering colour tie in? All of these are important considerations which will drive colour choice.

They make the decision easy

We live in a time where we have a million-and-one options, which means a million-and-one decisions to be made. Sometimes the range of choice is a good thing (see: ice cream counter), sometimes it can inhibit a choice being made. The best thing about colour consultants is that they don’t necessarily make the choice for you, they just make the choice easier. When considering why your executive committee should use a colour consultant, just remember this aspect. As a collective, your committee will brief the colour consultant on what the overall aim of the project is (refresh a tired building/make your complex stand out/blend in with the natural environment etc.) and the colour consultant will present you with a shortlist of options to make a choice.

They work directly with the painters

One of the reasons we, as Strata Painters love working with colour consultants is that it limits the “guess work” associated with choosing colours. Colour consultants know exactly how a colour will react on a surface and have explained this to the client, so when we finish the final colour coat, there won’t be any surprises (for anyone) as to how the final product looks. Executive Committees also love working with colour consultants as it takes the technical elements out of the consideration.
If you’re a member of an executive committee who is looking at repainting their complex, talk to Summit today about how we can make the job easier with a colour consultant! Contact us through the website or call 02 9973 3131.