Summit Coatings works with many clients to complete quality roof spraying in Sydney. One question that we often receive from our customers is what materials Master Painters like Summit recommend. When you complete roof spraying, quality materials, proper preparation, and correct paint application guarantee that your roof will live an extended life and look great. Without using the right materials, more damage can be done to your roof, especially if it begins to bubble or crack while allowing water and moisture in. Here’s how our professional roof painters select materials for cleaning, pointing, and painting your home:

Selecting the right power washer

Your professional power washer is much different than a consumer model. That’s because it can handle stronger water pressures, it pumps more litres of water per minute, and it can apply both cold and hot water to the surface. Depending on the condition of your roof, a standard consumer or semi-pro power washer might not be enough. That’s why we use professional power washers that have an engine built for large roofs, daily use, and a variety of job types. We’re also sure to use the right type of pressure washer tip, so that your roof is never damaged during the cleaning process.

Selecting the right sealant and paints

Master Painters like Summit Coatings work with a variety of leading brand materials that guarantee a quality coating on your roof. Summit Coatings uses Forever Finish for roof painting due to its superior qualities and lasting colour. 
Take a look at this job we completed in Sydney’s Northern Beaches over 15 years ago. Even with extreme exposure to sun, salt and other harsh elements, the colour is still going strong!

Now that you understand how Summit Coatings selects its products, why not contact us about roof spraying in Sydney? Our colour consultants can help you select the perfect roof colour, and our professional painters will show you the difference between using an inexperienced painter and an award winning, family owned business that has been in Sydney for over 30 years. Give us a call or contact us online today and we’ll discuss your requirements.