Interior decorating and DIY interior painting is so popular nowadays.
With all the building and home decorating shows like The Block, House Rules and Grand Designs there really is a surge in homeowners wanting to have a go and do it themselves.
If you watch these shows or similar though you’ll now that one area not to skimp on is the painting.
Painting seems to be one area that contestants on The Block and House Rules generally think they can do themselves but then they don’t end up doing it well usually.
And when your paintwork isn’t done well it can really let the overall finish of your room and the whole home down.
We are going to take you through some of the things any avid DIYer should have in their toolbox when it comes to painting and home decorating which will help you create an A1 finish.

Interior painting tool must haves

When it comes to tools and supplies for painting you really can’t skimp on these things.
Buying cheap and nasty painters tape/masking tape will either not adhere properly so the paint seeps under the tape or it sticks too well and won’t peel off properly.
Or when you do peel it the tape off it takes the paint off your newly painted wall.
Not an outcome anyone wants!
So, the tools and materials we recommend:

  • A good quality painters tape or masking tape to mask off edges, architraves, windows, etc to make cutting in easier and neater
  • A roller and paint brush in a few varying sizes.
  • Paint pail with handle. A handle is a must if you will be climbing up ladders.
  • Non-slip plastic/cloth for the floor or furniture protection. If you don’t cover your floor or furniture you are guaranteed to spill the paint
  • Plastic bag for in between coats.
  • Steady step ladder or larger depending on what area you need to paint

Wrap your paint brushes, rollers and insert your paint tray/pail into a plastic bag and seal it.
That way you don’t need to wash out your tools between coats and your paint doesn’t dry up.
Make sure you do put something down on the floor underneath and surrounding the area you are painting.
If you are near furniture too then make sure you cover that or at least move it out of the way.
You will be guaranteed to spill or splash the paint if you don’t and it’s a pain to try and remove off some surfaces and materials.
So be proactive rather than reactive.

Touch ups of your interior walls

Always make sure when fixing an area that you touch up the paintwork with the same tool that it was first painted with – brush or roller.
That way it will blend it to the area a lot better.
You may need to extend the area you are repainting to encompass the whole section of wall.
It will just depend on the size of the area that needed touching up and how long it’s been since it was originally painted.
Paint on wall fades with light through the window and general wear and tear.
If it’s a well lit room with lots of natural light and a high traffic area you may need to bite the bullet and repaint the whole room.

Interior painting Sydney for the non DIYers

Now DIY isn’t for everyone and some jobs just are too big, too high or in this busy day and age you may just not have the time for it.
And that’s ok as that’s where we come in.
We would be happy to discuss your house painting needs with you.
With over 30 years experience and members of the Master Painters Association, you are guaranteed to receive a job you will love and be proud of from the painting through to the customer service.


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