Are you thinking about updating your house roof in the New Year? Roof painting in Sydney can be the perfect aesthetic and economical solution for you.
When it comes to our house our roofs are quite often the last thing we think about. They’re up high and the saying “out of sight out of mind” often applies. But when you think about it our roofs have one of the most important jobs – keeping our family dry, cool or warm depending on what you need at the time. Your roof also helps hold our house walls up too which is always a bonus.

Our roof painting Sydney service is more than just painting

If your roof needs an update whether it’s just to revamp or update the colour through to fixing minor leaks. Our roof painting service could be just what you need.
Did you know that we have a special product that acts as a membrane/sealer? We apply this before the paint and it adds a layer of protection to your home against the elements. It’s perfect if you have an annoying little leak that you can’t find the source of.
Water can be so hard to track the source of it as it can blow with the wind and not necessarily find it’s way in where you think. It can also run so far along a beam or the like before it trips down and soaks through your insulation. So, it’s not until you have a nasty, soggy patch on your ceiling that you are aware that there is a problem at all.

Why we need to look after our roofs

Our roofs are exposed to all the elements – sun, wind, rain and storms. In Australia, we do really get to sample all the seasons – from blistering heat to hailstorms and flooding. This over time will cause your paint not only to fade but if you have tiles it will also weaken them including your ridge capping. Storms can also cause a tiled roof to become compromised if hit with flying debris. Cracked and broken tiles are a common occurrence during a storm. And with a storm comes rain and rain will find it’s way in no matter how small the crack.
Quite often people don’t think to maintain the condition of their roofs and it’s not until a problem is discovered that we even think about them. Considering what our roofs go through we should really give them some TLC every now and then.

Are you thinking about selling? Painting your roof in Sydney could be your answer

If you are thinking about selling, then roof spraying your Sydney home could add some great dollars to your sale price as well as increase how quick it sells.
When it comes to selling your home it’s in your best interests to present your home in its best possible light. Sometimes this means spending some dollars initially to help you with your end game.
A new coat of paint really does do wonders for lifting a property’s aesthetic appeal and first impressions are everything and curb appeal does matter!
If you have a weatherboard home, then it might be worth considering whether to paint the exterior of your home too. Or perhaps the weatherboards are ok, and a revamp of your window frames if they’re wooden, veranda or front door would just add the final touches to have your home looking A1. Don’t forget your guttering and downpipes too. It’s all about the little things sometimes.
It’s a good idea to assess your garden too and how that impacts on the presentation of your home. If you don’t have a green thumb or just our time-poor like a lot of people, these days then head on over to CC&M Landscapes. They specialise in the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney and they would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to tell them Summit Coatings sent you.

Is your roof energy efficient?

Did you know you can lose a lot of air out of your home through your roof? In summer when you are using air conditioners to keep your home cool and then in the winter months when you are trying to heat your home.
Your electricity bill can certainly add up when you are running your air conditioner or heater overtime to keep up with the escaping air. Spending a few dollars initially to restore your roof can go a long way to a more economical electricity bill.
So why not have your roof painted at the same time too even. We can add the membrane/sealant product we talked about above. This will seal any cracks or gaps.

What’s next? 

Call Summit Coatings of course. After updating yourself on the benefits of having your roof restored do you need a quote? We would be more than happy to provide a quote for this or any other painting projects you need doing. Contact us to arrange.


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