Wallpaper can look so fantastic and there really are some outstanding choices out there these days even down to some custom wallpaper options. Installing wallpaper and removing it can be quite tricky though and it really is left best to the professionals but if you do decide to tackle the job yourself rather than getting a Sydney painting service to do the job for you. Then be prepared for mess and lots of it. It’s also not normally a quick job if you haven’t done it before so make sure you aren’t in a hurry when you do go to tackle it.

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Don’t want a Sydney painting service to remove your wallpaper. Here are some tips. You may change your mind.

Here are some tips on how to tackle removing your wallpaper. After reading them you may change your mind and decide to get the professionals in but read on and see what you think.

  1. Make sure you place plastic or something down to protect your flooring as it will get messy.
  2. Scraper: using a scraper try and remove a small section in a corner/inconspicuous area first. This is a good way to see if it’s been applied over a painted wall or other layers of wallpaper and how long it’s been there for. The easier it comes away the better but…. quite often you’re not that lucky.
  3. If it comes away easily then continue to pull/strip the wall of the paper. Pull either down or up at an angle along the wall (don’t pull outwards) keeping both hands near the edge where it’s pulling away from the wall to avoid tearing.
  4. Chemical stripper: if it’s not coming away then you may need to use a chemical stripper. If you do go this avenue make sure you use the right safety gear – gloves, safety glasses, etc. Use a wire brush or something similar to score the wallpaper. The idea is to break the seal. You then can use a brush or roller to apply the chemical stripper. Be aware of skin and eyes as you apply.
  5. Steam stripper: if you need help getting your wallpaper to budge but don’t like the idea of a chemical stripper then steam might be the way to go. Obviously, you need to still be careful not to burn yourself, etc but it is a more environmentally friendly way to go.
  6. Once all the wallpaper has been removed give the walls a wash with a wet sponge to remove any residue and allow to dry thoroughly for a few days.

Beware though that by doing it yourself you can damage the plasterboard underneath and may then need to have this repaired before having the painters come in. So, in the long run, it can work out to be costlier than having the professionals do it in the first place.


Signs of damage

It’s really important that your plasterboard is in A1 condition after you have removed your wallpaper before we come into paint. If this isn’t something you want to tackle yourself then don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help with this aspect too.
Some signs of damage you need to look out for in particular is left over glue and a scarred surface from where you have tried to lift/scrape the wallpaper. In a worst-case scenario, we have even heard of a case where someone peeled the top layers of the plasterboard off altogether so it was back to the cardboard layers. This is not good at all and takes some work to fix but everything is fixable.
So, once your wall/s are dry it’s time to give them a light sand, fix any plaster damage and then seal ready for painting. Or feel free to contact us as we can include any prep work in our quote too.

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Why choose a professional Sydney painting service

After reading the above you may be having second thoughts on tackling the job yourself. At any stage, we would be happy to chat to about your needs. So, don’t be embarrassed if you start and don’t want to complete the job, we’d be happy to come and chat to you about how we can help.
Removing wallpaper isn’t for the faint-hearted and it really can cause more damage i.e. cost more in the long run than obtaining the services of a professional in the beginning.
With Summit Coatings you can rest assured of obtaining a quality service from a qualified and registered Master Painter.


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