It’s the start of spring and we have some tips by the best painter in North Shore.
What better time than to start a spring clean and take stock of your interior and exterior house painting.
Check those hard to reach places and areas you don’t normally see on a regular basis such as your roof, guttering and any other areas up high.
And internally why not have a spring clean and go through those cupboards and drawers that are a common dumping ground for things you just can’t find a place for.
We are all guilty of having one of those drawers or cupboards where we just shove things to sort/deal with on another day.
Anyway, it’s also a good time to clean off the walls and give them a wipe over and some TLC.
Check the ceilings for any areas of possible leaks/water damage.
Unfortunately, your plaster is normally the first place you notice any roof leaks once it finally shows up on your plaster.
And it can be water stains can be a horrible eyesore.

5 tips by the best painter in North Shore

Tip 1

Use a vacuum, damp microfibre cloth or for more stubborn stains spray and white or the like to clean your interior walls and doors.
You can check out our previous post “3 Ways to Look After Your Kitchen and Bathroom Walls Once the House Painters Have Been” to see what you can do with a vacuum.

Tip 2

Have you found some artwork on your walls from a little Miss or Master that shouldn’t be there?
Then try some magic erasers to remove.
They do normally work wonders but be careful if the wall is newly painted.
Also depending on how long the artwork has been there and what has been used to create the artwork you may or may not have luck with them, but fingers crossed.
If you do need the area to be repainted we are the best painter in North Shore so you know who to call.

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Tip 3

Internal doors in particular also take the brunt of a lot.
With little children and their dirty hand prints through to them running into them on their little scoot along toys to older children and their balls and bags knocking them about.
A regular once over with a cloth will keep day to day marks at bay but when it’s time for something more heavy duty than a detergent or spray and white can work wonders.
Or if you like the more natural options then you can look at vinegar and water and some lemon adds a nice fragrance.
If your internal doors are a bit far gone then it may just be easier to repaint with the best house painters in North Shore.

Tip 4

Walls and ceilings in kitchens and bathrooms attract a bit more dust and grime given the steamy nature of their environments.
Hopefully, if your room is properly ventilated and the correct paint has been used then you shouldn’t have any mould problems.
It’s a good idea if you do at the first signs to jump on any mould though.

Tip 5

Now when it comes to the exterior of your home a high-pressure cleaner can work wonders and they normally come with some great attachments.
If you don’t have a high-pressure cleaner though a hose can work wonders.
Do be careful when cleaning the outside of your home especially if you are dealing with weatherboards or wooden windows.
If there are already some signs of damage you don’t want to add water into the mix unnecessarily.
If you do find some damage here’s how to handle it.


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