Working as a colour consultant for Summit Coatings, we’ve helped many strata, commercial and residential clients by finding the best colour scheme for their new paint job. Choosing colours can be a stressful time for clients – it’s a big decision, and with so many colour options floating around, it can seem almost impossible. Top all that with bad colour advice and you might all out regret your colour choices. In an effort to assist our clients in deciding on a colour scheme, we’ve listed the worst advice we’ve ever heard about choosing paint colours for unit complexes and what to do instead.

“Choose colours that are really on trend”

Choosing overly trendy paint colours for major apartment complexes can spell recipe for disaster. Why? A new paint job is often one of the most expensive maintenance costs for strata plans. With so many exterior surfaces, including endless common areas, balconies, garage doors and more it’s easy to see why. It’s important to choose a paint contractor who not only guarantees their work but has a history of delivering lasting paint finishes to drive the sinking fund further. With this in mind, it’s important to stay away from paint colours which will date quickly, when choosing paint colours for apartment complexes. Even though the paint job stands the test of time, your building will quickly look old, simply because of your colour choices.

“Unusual paint finishes always stand the test of time”

Hands up who remembers the paint sponge finish of the early 90s? What about bad “feature render”? Further to the above point, don’t think that unusual paint finishes will serve your unit complex for years to come. When choosing paint colours for unit complexes, remember that simplicity is key. It’s not the chance to make a bold statement (save that for your bedroom feature wall). Choosing a subdued paint finish will help your paint job last the distance.

“Don’t bother with the extra coat”

Whilst this “advice” isn’t necessarily colour related, it can affect how your colours show and will definitely affect the longevity of your paint job, when choosing colours for unit complexes. Summit always recommends at least 2 coats of colour paint (on top of the multitude of prep, sealer and undercoats). This ensures the colour on your walls is true to the colour of your paint swatch, and that your coloured surfaces are durable to any environmental factors.

“The more colours the better!”

Again – less is more when it comes to choosing colours for unit complexes. Whilst it’s spot on to select a few different colours in your scheme for different zones, don’t go overboard with this. Just think of that house on the street with a different colour on every wall – not only does it stick out like a sore thumb, it cheapens the look and feel of the home with all its distractions. With larger complexes especially, it’s important to use a colour scheme of a few colours only which all fit together nicely to create a uniform, premium look to the unit complex.

If you’re a strata manager or member of an executive committee and are considering investing in a repaint for your unit complex, contact Summit Coatings to discuss how we can look after your needs (including colour consulting). Contact us through the website, or call 02 9973 3131.