Most homeowners hire contractors to repair the paint on the exterior of their home. Today, we are sharing with you how you can find the best-licensed painter in Sydney.

Weigh in the Pros and Cons

Try to search and phone in at least three different contractors for the job. When you schedule an initial meeting, be sure that it’s in your home and you’ll personally be there to meet them. By doing this, you will know how much time each contractor took to assess the condition of your home. The longer it takes, the more realistic the estimate you will get. An experienced and best painter will need more than a quick walk around your house. Also, ask each contractor about the size of his crew and their experience level.

Set expectations

In every deal that you close with contractors, make sure to set your expectations so you’re both on the same page. If you want a surface that’s evenly coated and free from unevenness, tell this to your contractor. But if you’re okay with a little bit of imperfection, make an agreement on what level of prep is acceptable and what is not.

Check references

Get a list of references from each contractor you are considering for the job. Call them and find out about their experience with the licensed painter Sydney. A list of positive references is a good sign! If you can, use their recent projects as a way to scale how skilled their current crew members are.

contract signing

Obtain a contract and ask for a guarantee

The contract should include vital information such as the name, address, office and mobile number, license number, and all the details that you have agreed on during the time of estimate. Ensure that the document clearly states what’s not included and what’s included with the price that you’ll be paying.

Apart from these vital information, the contract should also state any promises for back jobs, reworking on chipping and peeling paints, or any damages that will occur within the first year after that job is done at little to no cost. If the contractor tells you that the paint itself has a warranty, keep in mind that it does not include labour, which is far more costly than the material itself.

Partial downpayments

Now that you have secured a contract with the best licensed painter in Sydney, it’s time to make a deposit. We suggest not to make a large downpayment and withhold the final payment, typically 10% to 15%, until you are fully satisfied with the work done.