Deciding on whether your Sydney strata property needs painting will depend on a few things. If you are the strata unit owner or the Manager of the strata complex and you think the strata painting needs updating. How you approach when your strata property needs painting will depend on which category you fall into too.

Strata painting from the owner’s perspective

As the owner of the strata unit, townhouse, etc., you will need to know what your rights are and where you stand. If you don’t have a copy of your strata properties by-laws, obtain one from either the Strata Committee President or the Strata Manager. Strata Managers are usually quite helpful and knowledgeable, and if you schedule a meeting with them, they will be able to tell you and guide you with what you can do and how to go about any changes you may need to get approval for.

Anything inside your unit is at your discretion when it comes to strata painting. Generally, anything on the exterior is classed as common property where you may come into problems or at least need to get approval on. Even down to repainting the colour of your unit or townhouse’s front door may need approval from the properties strata committee.

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strata painting of sydney apartment building from the strata managers perspective at summit coatings

strata painting in hornsby sydney with summit coatings

Strata painting from the Strata Managers perspective

If you are the Strata Manager and you think the strata painters need to come in to freshen up the property or fix an area that needs repairing, then it will need to get approval from the Strata Committee at a Committee meeting. How financial the Body Corporate is will no doubt come into play. The Strata Committee will need to discuss how urgent the strata painting is. And as the Strata Manager, you can advise the Committee of this and what action needs to be taken to remedy the situation if the Body Corporate isn’t currently in a position to cover the works.

The Strata Manager may like to suggest that the Body Corporate take the opportunity to refresh and update the property’s color scheme if it is warranted or would make the property look better. As the Strata Manager, you can present the pros and cons of this:


  • Increase real estate value.
  • Update and modernise the façade.
  • Increase visual appeal to the property, making it easier to sell or find tenants.
  • Increase rental returns.


  • Decrease the financial position of the Body Corporate.
  • Body Corporate fees may rise to cover the extra expense.

Paint colour examples from Taubmans and Summit Coatings

Why choose Summit Coatings as your strata painters, Sydney

You definitely want to use a reliable and reputable company for your strata painting, and you can rest assured you will get that with us. We have over 30 years of experience in the painting industry and are also registered Master Painters. We have extensive experience working on large projects such as strata properties and are used to organising the job required with Strata Managers, Body Corporates, and Strata Committees. We would be more than happy to come out and discuss the work needed, timeframe, and quote for the job. Just contact us now to arrange.


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