As a strata manager, one of the most difficult aspects of managing a repaint of the common areas is helping the Owners’ Corporation decide on a paint colour. Body corporates are often made up of many different types of people, and colour selection is a very subjective (and touchy!) choice. Summit has worked with numerous strata managers and body corporates over the years, and we’ve put together our top 4 tips to making everyone agree on a colour scheme.

1. Consider the purpose of the building

Many strata schemes are a combination of residential units and commercial spaces. It’s important to consider how the building is actually used when making everyone agree on a colour scheme. Is the street facade only shop fronts? Are the residential units all in the back of the block? Are there office suites integrated? Choosing colours for a retail space differs vastly to purely residential, so it’s important to get the mix right. For example, commercial spaces usually feature bright, attention grabbing colours, but to live with a candy red external wall might be too much for many residents. Make sure you choose colours which either lend themselves to all building uses or be sure to segment colour schemes.

2. Decide on when you’ll be repainting next

You may be thinking “we’ve only just decided to repaint!” But considering when you’re next going to repaint is crucial to helping everyone agree on a colour scheme. If your strata scheme enjoys a freshen up every few years, it’s safe to go with more “on trend’ colours. These are colours which look fantastic right now, but because of their flavour-of-the-month status, tend to date quicker. If, however, you’re hoping to get longer wear from your paint job, choosing neutrals and more subdues tones will stand the test of time, and ensure your building looks great for years to come.

3. Options, options, options (but not too many)

No, we’re not contradicting ourselves… The key to making everyone agree on a colour scheme is to narrow down the thousands of colour options out there, but to leave a few choices for consideration. If you’ve visited a paint shop before, you’ll understand that overwhelming feeling of standing in front of the colour samples. There are an infinite amount of colours available and it makes it difficult to narrow it down to one. One trick is to pay attention to what your neighbours are doing, and choosing something similar (but not the same). Presenting the body corporate with 3 or 4 options narrows down the search, but still allows wiggle room for decision making.

4. Hire a colour consultant

Choosing colours in a body corporate can seem nearly impossible! And if all else fails, it’s time to bring in the experts. Summit understands that using a pro is the way to go, which is why we offer colour consulting as part of our service. For a small fee, our professional colour consultant will visit your strata scheme and gain an understanding of what the priorities of the body corporate are and view the areas to be painted. In due time, a few colour options will be presented to the body corporate with on-the-job reasons to consider these colours. This will equip the body corporate to all agree on a single colour scheme, with minimal fuss (and effort from the strata manager!).

If your strata scheme is in need of a facelift, contact Summit Coatings today through our website, or call us on 02 9973 3131.