It’s the start of a New Year and along comes new beginnings – maybe it’s time for a room makeover and a spot of residential painting to fresh your Northern Beaches or North Shore home up. Take the opportunity to de-clutter and set your rooms up the way you want to live through the rest of the year. How nice does that sound!

Do some of your rooms just need a bit of a tidy up or do they need a complete overhaul? Or do you have a junk room or cupboard where everything in your home ends up? Take this as a chance to makeover a room or two and start the new year with a bang!

With children comes lots of stuff

If you have children, you will know that the amount of “stuff” just continues to pile up and up unless you take control and get rid of some of it.

So why not take the chance to have a bit of a cull.

  • What can you donate?
  • What can you sell?
  • What needs tossing all together?
  • What can’t you live without?

The above’s a fabulous approach. Then once you’ve cleared the decks a bit then you can decide what you want to do:

  • Repaint
  • Re do the floors
  • Replace the curtains or blinds
  • Purchase some new wall art or furniture

Updating your residential home can be tough

It can be a tough task to think about updating and making over a room. Especially when you become attached to the items and things that you have been living with for so many years.

You don’t have to remove and change everything. Maybe keep your flooring and re-paint the walls making them nice and fresh. Re-painting every 18 – 24 months in high traffic areas is a good guide. It’s amazing how a few coats of paint on the walls can do wonders!

Think about updating your bed covers and artwork for a whole new colour and pop in your room to give it that wow factor. Just a couple of new pieces and items can make all the difference!

Decide what room or areas you would like to makeover

Once you have worked out which rooms you want to tackle the next task will be to figure out what you want to do.

Will a new coat of paint do the trick or is it time for more of a change? Maybe you have some old furniture that could use a lick of paint. Find some painting tips from our latest blog post- Do you like DIY? Know your residential paints.

How to choose which rooms to makeover for residential painting tips from Summit Coatings

Be creative with your room makeovers

You can totally change the feel and look of a room with only a few extra things that make the room from drab to fab!

Think of some funky pillows on a bed or even hanging some gorgeous fairy lights around the room – giving it a magical and whimsical feel.

Find your Inspiration online

It’s always a good idea to get creative when thinking of ways to makeover a room. You really want a wow factor that makes you feel like your living in a new space!

Have exhausted all of your own creative ideas and not sure what you want to do? Check out Google, Pinterest, Instagram or there’s even some fabulous home decorating Facebook groups for inspiration.

No doubt you will be able to find hundreds and thousands of amazing ideas to suit your situation. Whether that’s being budget friendly or creative with what you have!

The most important thing is that you have fun when you are giving a room a makeover and you create something you will be comfortable and happy living in.

How can Summit Coatings help?

If you would like more direction and guidance in painting for your North Shore home, then we are here to help. And with over 30 years’ experience and many awards behind us, we know what we are talking about and we would love to help bring your dreams to life!


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