As residential painters, we often stick to walls, however when on site we often notice that once a home has a new paint job, the age of the roof tends to make itself clear (and not in a good way). To overcome this, Summit now offers roof painting and restoration services, to ensure your house looks pristine, from top to bottom.

Roof painting and restoration

It’s not all about aesthetics, however. Our roofs don’t often get much thought, we generally just know if they’re still up there and the ceiling isn’t leaking everything is generally OK. So what happens when everything is not OK – when the evening rain shower makes its way into your living room? Perhaps you’ve noticed a few cracked tiles, or maybe your old roof just isn’t what it used to be? That’s when you need to call in the roof painters.

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Roof painting and restoration for damaged roofs
The most common roof problems usually occur with tiled or shingled roofs, as these materials can split. What causes tiles and shingles to crack? Often it’s weather related. High winds, heavy rain, and the occasional falling branch can wreak havoc on your roof. Plus, the older the materials, the more likely they are to crack.
Our reseal and paint service means we can use a membrane system, to fill and gaps which might be leaking water. Using a clear, waterproof membrane, Summit can actually repair your old roof, saving you thousands of dollars. As part of these services, we completely pressure wash the roof – and you’d be surprised how much dirt we manage to strip off! As roof painters, we’ve really fine-tuned the roof repair and painting process to make sure once we’ve repaired it, it stays fixed!

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Roof painting and restoration for heat reduction
Another reason our clients ask us to restore and and paint their roof is to make it more resistant to our hot Australian summers. When the house was originally built, a dark roof looked like a sleek idea at the time, however did you know that a black or dark coloured roof can reach temperatures of up to 80°C on a hot summer’s day? And a poorly insulated roof means ceilings can reach up to 50°C! No wonder your aircon is working overtime… So what can be done about this?
Whilst a white roof would be the ideal situation, some councils unfortunately have restrictions on white roofs because of the glare factor. There are still other options for homeowners to combat the summer heat – consider colours such as cream, or even a silver undertone, to reduce heat absorption.
To repaint a roof from black to a lighter shade is a little more challenging, however it’s achievable. As roof painters, Summit’s membrane and spray system can transform your roof to ensure you’re not attracting any more heat that desired!

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If you’re looking for an alternative to resheeting, or retiling your entire roof, be sure to investigate roof painting and restoration as a budget friendly, yet enduring alternative. Contact Summit today to discuss your needs on 02 9973 3131 or via the website