Have you been giving your home a facelift and freshening up with some interior painting in your Sydney home?
Don’t forget your architraves and doors too.
It’s important to give these areas a facelift too and a new coat of paint or stain can finish off the job nicely.
Or it’s a great quick way to give a room a lift if you’re not needing the walls painted but the room just needs “something”.
If you have a family too, between young kids, teenagers and pets these areas take the brunt of a lot!

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Freshen up your interior doors with some interior painting Sydney

Internal doors don’t necessarily need to be white or stained either.
Give them a new lease of a life with a splash of colour or some painted lines to make them a feature.
Check out some other creative ideas on Pinterest.

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Should skirting boards and architraves match?

Normally people opt to have skirting boards and architraves match in colour whether it be stain or paint.
There is, of course, no written rule to this and normally comes down to personal choice and what’s on trend.
If you were wanting to do something a tad different one option is to keep it in tone with your wall colour but use either ½ or ¼ strength.
That way you ensure it doesn’t clash.

To use interior painters to refresh architraves or replace?

That is the million dollar question sometimes or one of many when it comes to home renovating.
It really depends on what you are doing and what condition your skirtings and architraves are in.
That will determine whether it’s more cost effective to replace altogether or to have repaired and repainted.
If you are wanting a repair option that’s DIY check out Selley’s Liquid Nail options and that might do the trick depending on what the problem is.

Not sure that you have the patience or skill to undertake this interior painting job

Then call Summit Coatings if you are in the Northern Beaches or North Shore area.
We would be more than happy to discuss your painting needs.
With over 30 years of experience and using the best products in the industry, you will get a quality job that will last.


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