As a Master Painter Sydney , part of our job often includes fixing damage to existing walls, prior to repainting. Our homes often suffer some heavy duty wear and tear. Between sticky kids’ hands, muddy dog paws and the vacuum cleaner which never maneuvers quite how it should. However, it’s after the holiday season that we see the most damage being made to our interior walls. Of course, wear and tear is a normal part of living, however ,there are a few solutions you can use this Christmas which will reduce the damage caused to your walls (and paint job!)

Tips to protect your walls this holiday season

The first step is to work out what you’ll be using the room for. This will make choosing the best room design a walk in the park. Good questions to ask yourself are: “what will I do in this room?” and “who will use this room most?”. While everyone wants to create a magazine worthy home, the most important part of a cohesive design aesthetic is ensure it’s a practical fit for its purpose.
Use a reliable fixing technique
There are a number of adhesive and fixing devices available today, all which claim to leave your walls free from damage. Whilst most good quality sticky hooks do live up to their claim, it’s often user error which sees paint being torn off walls. To protect your walls, whenever you use fixtures, ensure they’re strong enough to hold whatever it is your fixing. Not only does a falling decoration do damage to your walls, the thing your hanging may break, and even risk hurting unfortunate passersby’s. 3M offer a quality range of adhesive hooks, and always detail to what weight they are suitable for – and these aren’t simple suggestions! As a Master Painter Sydney, we actually recommend you go one step stronger for extra piece of mind.

Check the quality of those wall decals
With extra space becoming more of a luxury, many are opting for wall decal Christmas trees. They give a modern twist, are kid (and cat) friendly and you can avoid the trail of pine needles a real tree will always leave in its wake. Wall decals are self adhesive stickers which are designed to be applied directly to your walls, and peel off again without any damage. And whilst they might be designed to leave your walls damage free, again it depends on the quality of decal as to how your own experience unravels. To protect your walls, always purchase your decals from a reputable store that specialises in wall decals, such as The Wall Sticker Company. Just like you would visit a specialist butcher for the highest quality cuts, visit a specialist sticker company for quality decals which can be removed without a trace.

Drill holes in inconspicuous places
Sometimes there’s just nothing like a good old hammer and nail to string those lights or hang that wreath. Whilst we generally recommend shying away from making permanent holes, there are ways to ensure that once the decorations head back in to their boxes for the year, you’re not left with a gaping hole in your walls. Firstly, to protect your walls use super skinny nails. Often people are just hanging fishing wire to display christmas cards, or mounting a decoration on the front door. With the range of nails available, there’s no excuse why you can’t use a narrow nail to do the job. Secondly, nail in a discreet spot. Don’t just get out the hammer and knock a hole eye level. Think about making the hole higher up the wall, or on the side of a door frame where you won’t notice it straight away. And for any permanent damage that you just can’t live with, there’s always Selley’s filler and a bit of touch up paint (done by a professional of course).

In the end, most damage caused by holiday cheer isn’t permanent and can always be fixed, but it helps to know how to avoid it in the first place. A good professional paint job using quality materials will always help to keep your walls looking fresher for longer. Contact Summit Coatings to discuss any of your painting needs.