One of the biggest challenges facing most Strata Managers and Executive Committees is finding the right tradesperson to complete their next project. It can be difficult for all members to finally decide on the winning quote, however, ensuring your body corporate painter is licensed should be the first step to narrowing the pool.
We’ve come up with the following checks and measures to ensure the trades you hire are the right fit for the job:

It’s the law to be licensed

In New South Wales, body corporate painters must be licensed to carry out works in the following category:

  • The cost of a job is greater than $1,000, including labour and materials
  • They advertise their services as a painter
  • A painter enters into contracts with clients
  • They hire subcontractors to carry out work

Licensed body corporate painters are insured

By using an unlicensed body corporate painter, you are seriously jeopardising the safety of not just the workers, but residents and the general public. If a painter is unlicensed and unlawfully carrying out works and someone sustains an injury as a result, all insurances are void. This means the executive committee and/or strata manager could be seen as negligent and be liable. Ensure you protect yourself, and those around you by using a licensed and insured body corporate painter.

Home Building Compensation Fund

By law, all painting works above the value of $20,000 must be covered by the Home Building Compensation Fund (previously known as Home Warranty Insurance).

This compensation provides protection for body corporate homeowners for losses arising from defective or incomplete work, where the tradesperson becomes insolvent, dies, disappears or has their license suspended.
The majority of body corporate painting projects are usually large scale projects which can cost upwards of $100,000 and can span a number of months. Ensuring your body corporate painter has applied and attained Home Building Compensation on your behalf for your property is crucial to protecting your works.

Only licensed painters who have completed a specification outline can be approved for this compensation.

Know you are hiring a qualified strata painters

Painters’ licences are issued by the NSW Department of Fair Trading. Before a licence is issued, the applicant must provide they have received Certificate III training in Painting and Decorating from a recognised training institute such as TAFE. These painters understand what makes good workmanship and know the best products for the job.

Certainly, not all unlicensed painters are poor quality. But more often than not, complaints about inferior work result from unlicensed contractors. Unlicensed and untrained painters are not subject to meeting specific quality or service standards. Sloppy work can have serious ramifications.

It makes life harder for you

As a strata manager or member of the executive committee, you have enough to worry about without having to chase unreliable tradespeople and defuse angry owners and tenants. Unlicensed painters are unlicensed for a reason. Either they haven’t been professionally trained, they have had their license revoked, or they haven’t been bothered to apply for or update their license because of the fees or process involved. This is not someone you want to be working on your strata scheme.

Painting a strata premises is often a delicate balance of working to complete the job on time, and managing the privacy needs of residents. Only experienced body corporate painters can ensure your job is finished on time, with minimal disruption; which makes your job easier.

Finally, be vigilant in checking license details

Whilst most body corporate painters would never advertise they are licensed when they are not, it’s up to you as the buyer to ensure their license is current (or actually exists at all). It’s not enough to simply assume your body corporate painters are licensed. Be vigilant and conduct your own license check using the OneGov website. This is a free service provided by the NSW Government where you can check the validity of your body corporate painters licence credentials.

To check the Summit Coatings license, simply select “home builder” in part one, and enter our business name in part two.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of using a licensed painter, or to receive a quote on your strata managed property, get in touch with Summit Coatings!