Summertime is often a popular time to sell your home – and it’s no secret as to why. Properties often look their best as the days are longer, the temperature is up and the garden is in full bloom! People also start thinking more about moving during this time, as it gives them a chance to start fresh for the year. The only problem with selling in Summer, is that the market becomes crowded as more and more homes come up for sale. The team of residential painters at Summit Coatings can get busy by preparing your home for sale – we’ve got a few tips which will help you stand out from the rest.

Preparing your home for sale in Summer:

First impressions count
It’s said that potential buyers make their decision on a house within the first 30 seconds of seeing the home. What this means for sellers is you need to prioritise curb appeal, and the exterior of your home. Take the time to tidy the yard; mow the lawn, trim the hedges and make sure the edges are tidy. Even take time to plant some bright flowers and fix any dead patches of lawn with a grass patcher. Getting the water blaster out to clean the driveway is also a great way of giving your home’s exterior an instant facelift. Of course, the most effective way to improve the exterior appearance of your home is a fresh new paint colour (or even just refreshing the existing one).
Our residential painting service are experts at applying that all important lick of paint to keep pushing up that Summer time sale price. Consider neutral tones which work with the surrounding features of the neighbourhood. Also don’t forget to keep in mind a home’s architectural style or heritage, as this can considerably impact exterior colour choices.

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Style the property for the potential buyer
There is a vast difference between how you would style a property to live in or for a sale. When you’re styling for you personally to live in, definitely stick to your individual taste! Include family photos in the decor, add the cushion your 13 year old made in textiles to the couch, and keep the family planner visible in the kitchen. However, when it comes to sale time there’s a whole new set of rules to follow.
It’s important to consider who you’re marketing your home to. If it’s a young family, include plenty of bright accent colours and soft furnishings to keep the mood playful (but safe). If it’s for a professional couple, high-end finishes and polished pieces will be more attractive to them. Preparing your home for sale doesn’t mean clearing out all of your family items, though it could be a good idea to remove photos from the home. You want to make buyers feel like it’s already their home, and by leaving personal photos and identifiers serves only as a reminder that it’s someone else’s place.

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Leverage natural light
The natural light during summer is especially refreshing, after the darker months, so it’s important to make the most of this. Pull back window treatments to let as much light in as possible. As residential painters we always hear our clients talk about the importance of natural light in a home, and we couldn’t agree more. If you can, also opening any windows to let the smells of the summertime garden float through your home. Consider also positioning a vase of fresh flowers on the dining table or sideboard to bring the outside in.
Freshen up the walls
Just like giving your exterior a new paint, a fresh coat of paint on the inside of the home will only increase the saleability further. Again, stick to neutral colours which won’t sway a buyer one way or the other. Something light will also complement the brightness of the summertime, and make your spaces appear larger.
Our residential painting services include preparation of a property for sale time. This is a service which can be more economical than painting a home to last another 10 years as the objective is to “freshen up” rather than endure. It’s especially important to touch up high scuff areas such as skirting boards and door jams.
If you’re looking to spruce up your home for a summertime sale, contact Summit Coatings today to learn about how we can help get your home looking its best for sale time!