Recently, a prospective client of ours in the Northern Beaches of Sydney started the process of receiving quotes for the interior and exterior painting of the new addition to her home. She also wanted a separate quote for some existing areas of her home. Summit Coatings was included as a painting company she asked to quote her job.
I arranged to meet her for her obligation-free quote and inspected the areas which she wanted painted. All went well and we provided her a detailed quote and works specification the next day, as promised.
A week later, I received a call from this client querying why our quote had come in so much higher than the other interior painting company she called on. I believe I developed a good rapport with this prospective client as I made sure to go through everything she wanted painted, in detail.
This included informing her of all preparation work and any remedial building which might be required prior to actually putting paint on the wall. In this home, as with many, there was quite a bit of pre-work which needed to be done, to ensure the same standard of work was achieved in the old part of the house, as the new part. What’s more, there was a difficult access area on one side which would require scaffolding. Renovations are still on the increase according to Westpac bank, so it’s not likely just this customer with a difficult area to paint and finish. A good painting company will outline the need for scaffolding for good OH&S policy.
I suggested that the prospective client go back to the other house painting company with our specifications (which included minor remedial building work and preparation of surfaces throughout) to ensure he was offering the same service – comparing apples with apples.
The next day, I received a call back from the prospective client and sure enough, the competing quote which came in almost 1/3 cheaper, had now doubled in price, citing that all “remedial, preparation work and additional access equipment were not included in the original quote”. Painting and decorating companies don’t all follow the same rules.
This means, if this prospective client had accepted the quote which seemed cheaper in the first instance, she would in fact be paying more than the competitive quote provided by our team at Summit Coatings in the first place.
The prospective client then became a very happy client and learnt a lesson in accurate quote comparison. When sifting through quotes, it’s easiest to use a reference guide to help you ensure you are asking the right questions and know you are receiving the best possible transparency from whichever house painting company you go with.
At Summit Coatings, we work to ensure all aspects of the job are included in our original, competitive quotes, so you aren’t left with any nasty surprises at the end. As Master Painters we guarantee our workmanship for up to 5 years, so you can be confident you are receiving a quality job which lasts.
Remember, always use a licensed painting company and make sure you’re getting the whole picture upfront – including adhering to OH&S requirements within your property.
To have the team at Summit Coatings provide you with an comprehensive, competitive and obligation-free quotation for your home, call 02 9973 3131 today. Alternatively, you can email us here.