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Why it pays to ask for a last minute quote.

Coming in to the Christmas season, we tend to focus more on our homes than any other time of the year. Perhaps it’s because we are thinking of entertaining, or possibly because we are thinking of ways to incorporate the festive cheer to our everyday lives.
As painters and decorators, we understand that sometimes it’s not until the last few weeks before Christmas that we start to notice the house could do with a little extra TLC – the walls look a bit marked from the kids running back and forth, the front door could do with a touch up, or maybe it’s time to just rethink the colour scheme all together!
Whilst many might argue it’s too late to do anything about it now, it pays to make that initial enquiry and explain what it is you’re after. Leading up to the end-of-year, Summit works to ensure all current and new clients have their needs tended to in a deadline which suits them – even if it means going to extra mile to have your home shining before the mother-in-law visits for lunch (and spends a little too much time inspecting the finer details of your home…).
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