Paint colours on commercial properties can make such a big impact. If it’s time to have a commercial painter in Sydney revamp your commercial building then there are a few things to consider.
Your situation will depend on how you approach it:

  • Do you own and occupy the commercial premises?
  • Is the building leased and tenanted?

If the building or premises is tenanted is it a:

  • Short-term tenant or
  • Long term tenant

We are going to talk more about when you own and occupy the building but you can see some ideas here about paint colours and tenanted commercial properties. Our biggest advice would be if you have long term tenants than to consult them on the colours and especially the time-frame.


You own and occupy so YOUR commercial painter in Sydney haS scope

If you are in a situation where you occupy the commercial premises and own it then you have carte blanche on how you paint the building inside and out. That is if there are no council restrictions and the property is also not heritage listed. It’s worth consulting with your local council just to make sure.
Paint colours are so important from your branding perspective through to the psychological aspects. This is an interesting article on colour and business which is worth reading. The perception colour can have on people is not only interesting but real. When it comes to the inside of the building colour can have an impact on your staff and clients. Some colours are known for uplifting and motivating which you particularly want with your staff.
For example, white and all the off whites are modern and “in” now but too much white is boring and even sterile which even if you are a doctor’s office you may need a sterile environment when it comes to the health and safety of your staff and patients but you still want to portray a warm and inviting space.


Exterior paint colour advice by the best commercial painter in Sydney – Summit Coatings

When it comes to the exterior of your commercial building you may want to make a statement with your branding colours. That may be utilising the whole space and splashing your brand all over the building or depending on the size, space and location of your building you may wish to make a subtle approach and do a feature piece with your brand colours.
The style of your building and those around it are important to consider.

  • Will all the colours work together?
  • What are the colours used on buildings around you?

If you know the building owners around your property then it doesn’t hurt to touch base and see if they have any plans for updating soon. Especially if you intend to go quite bold with your colour choice.
Also, consider any exterior signage you have on the building or plan to. Will the signage be your statement piece or a part of the overall concept? If the signage is the statement then a more neutral background colour would be the way to go.
When it comes to paint colours also consider what effect and emotion it will have on your clients and your staff. Remember:

Motivating | Inviting | Welcoming

Sometimes an accent colour can do wonders too. Choosing a slightly darker or lighter shade can really lift and modernise your building.


What to ask your commercial painter in Sydney

When approaching your local commercial painter in Sydney for quotes there are things we recommend you ask:

  1. Insurance – are they fully insured – workers compensation, public liability
  2. Licenses – do they have all the relevant licenses
  3. Experience – have they undertook jobs of similar size and nature previously. Painting a commercial property can have many aspects to it from scaffolding to access and time frames. So, make sure the commercial painter has experience in this area.
  4. Master painter – is the commercial painter’s business a registered master painter? By being a registered master painter, you can rest assured that you will be working with experienced painters who can deliver on service and customer service.

At Summit Coatings, we have all this plus over 30 years’ experience. We specialise in commercial painting around the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney. We also utilise the best paint brand in the industry Taubmans.
We would love to discuss your commercial painting needs so feel free to contact us when you are ready.


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