Put your best foot forward and update your office space with a fresh coat of paint! There’s nothing more effective than painting when it comes to giving your office space new life. Quality commercial painters are essential to ensure you get the best for your buck. Using the best quality commercial painters in the business is what’s best for YOUR business!

Why is it important to update your office space with quality commercial painters?

We tend to judge a book by its cover. We do this when we first meet a new person and even when we visit a commercial building! If your office space hasn’t been treated to a quality commercial painting re-vamp, people will notice!
Take this scenario as an example: You visit a new accountant only to be greeted with faded, peeling and damaged paint everywhere you look. It’s only human of you to start having reservations about their capabilities as a business! Therefore, it really is amazing how much a coat of new paint by quality commercial painters can improve your Sydney office space!

How to ensure you get the best quality commercial painter in Sydney

First and foremost, it is essential you use a qualified commercial painter to paint your office space. There are a lot of things to consider before hiring a quality commercial painter as well. Commercial painting is different from standard residential painting. Aspects that are harder to manage include:

  • Budget and timeline
  • Logistical planning
  • Business opening hours
  • OH&S guidelines
  • Scaffolding and working at heights
  • Planning and communication
  • Keeping disruption to an absolute minimum

Before you choose a quality commercial painter, make sure you do your homework. Always obtain at least 3 quotes before deciding on your quality commercial painter. Once you’ve decided, make sure you ask to see their relevant insurances and licenses! Then you can move onto the fun part – deciding what you want your office space to look like!

Choosing paint colours for your commercial office space

As we mentioned above, first impressions count, so it’s important to get the colour scheme right for your office space. Think about the impression you want to make and what the colour will say about you vs what you want it to say. The use of your office space will greatly affect your decision making. There are many factors that will come into play:

  • Long-term tenanted office space: Consult your tenants and work with them to ensure the new colour scheme will work for their company. Depending on how long their lease is, you might allow them to choose the colour scheme.
  • Short term tenanted office space: Again, always consult your tenants. For a short-term lease, we suggest sticking to neutral colours that will suit a wide variety of prospective tenants in the future.
  • Owner occupied: This means you are your own Tenant so, go crazy! Choose whatever colour scheme suits your office space and business best.
  • Branding: Always consider your branding colours. If you are going to incorporate your brand’s colour scheme, ensure it’s exactly the right shade – people will notice!
  • Consider paint psychology: Colour effects the human brain! You can actually improve productivity in the workplace just with certain shades of paint!

Commercial painters will be able to help you choose the right colours for your office space. Quality commercial painters will even have professional colour consultants on-hand to assist!
Engaging with quality commercial painters is the best decision you will make when it comes to your office space. Summit Coatings are members of the Master Painters Association which means you’re guaranteed high quality and professional paintwork! If you’re thinking of updating your commercial office space, contact the best in the business today!


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