If you’ve ever painted your home before, you know just how a coat of paint can revitalise your space. The difference between a charming home and one that makes you feel uneasy is usually the colours you’re surrounded by. It’s possible to surround yourself in a space you love using paint. Here are some tricks from a professional house painter in North Shore, that can modernise your home with paint.

  1. Find inspiration

Inspiration for modernising your home can come from a variety of sources. Find modern colours by looking at your favourite accessory or furniture pieces, review photos of homes you enjoy, or experiment with colours showcased in your favourite piece of artwork. There are even websites and applications that let you upload a photo of your home or a room in your home, so that you can adjust the colours to find the perfect colour combination. For those of you who want some additional help, you can even use a colour consultant that can help you determine which colours will make your home feel comfortable and bright.

  1. Consider how you want the home to feel

Selecting the right exterior colours help your home stand out or blend in with its surroundings. Depending on where you live, your home’s environment, your personality, and the neighbourhood you’re in, you might want to stick with defined colours, or choose colours that bring excitement to the area. The same goes for interior paint. Do you want your home to feel like a sociable atmosphere, or are you going for a formal feeling? Would you prefer a room that is soothing, or one that creates a dramatic feeling? Your answer to these questions determine the colours that you should go with.

  1. Think outside the box

There are so many painting techniques as well as colour combinations that can add a modern feel to your home. You’re building a composition when you paint your walls, so you want everything to flow naturally. You can achieve great modern colour composition using a colour wheel, experimenting with monochromatic combinations, and using a variety of paint finishes to make a unique modern home that’s all your own.

  1. Make the colour flow

One of the best ways to determine how to paint your home’s interior is by considering how colours in one room match adjacent rooms. That’s why people usually use a set number of colours that keep things simple as you move from room to room. Too much bold or bright colour, without considering the rest of the colour composition throughout the house can turn people away from your home.
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