Are you renovating your North Shore home or building a new home on the Northern Beaches, Sydney? Then you will need an interior house painter to help with all your interior painting needs. From the ceilings through to the walls, architraves and doors Summit Coatings can help you with it all and if you need the exterior painted too.

We are house painters that specialise in all aspects including painting the exterior of your home through to having Colour Consultants that can assist you with the big colour decisions. Things to consider are whether you wish to have our house painters use paint on all surfaces, stain architraves and around windows or have feature walls using wallpaper. And then most importantly help you choose the colours to tie it all together. There are quite a few choices when you are building or renovating so you can put your trust in Summit Coatings knowing they are Master Painters making them the house painters you can rely on.

Choosing the right interior paint colours

An important point to decide on when choosing your interior paint colours is whether you want to go with something that is on trend at the time or do you want something that will be more versatile and go the distance in your North Shore or Northern Beaches house. The following are the 5 main things we recommend you consider when choosing your interior paint colours:

1. The size of the room

2. What the room is used for – bedrooms, kitchen, living areas, etc

3. Lighting – how  much natural light is the area exposed to

4. Furniture and decor colours, textures and patterns

5. The style of the home – modern, heritage, elegant, contemporary

Lighting and choosing interior paint colours

When it comes to lighting what looks good in the natural daylight may not look so good under your lighting of an evening so always double check your colour choices at various times of the day. Also if your room doesn’t receive a lot of natural light and is on the smaller side size wise then stick to lighter colours and avoid feature walls that make the space enclosed. As experienced house painters, we recommend using colours that open the room up. You can also carry this through your home interior when decorating with the use of mirrors which can give the illusion of more space.

How choosing paint colours for bedrooms and living areas differs

When choosing your colours what the room is used for will play a big part in what paint colours work best.  With bedrooms, you really want calm, relaxing, soothing paint colours that will help lull you off to sleep. Avoid bright bold colours which are best left for kitchens, living rooms and hallways.

Paint colours to complement furniture and your home interior

If you have existing furniture and home interior items you don’t want to change then consider their colours and patterns when looking through your interior paint colours. You want your home interior to co-ordinate with all aspects of your furniture, décor, flooring and window coverings. If you do like paint colours that don’t necessarily complement your home interior then consider looking at what furniture and décor items you have in other rooms and see if you can swap anything around. It can be a handy tip when you are on a budget. Remember your flooring too, especially if you are renovating as replacing flooring can be a bit more difficult and costly. Your flooring should compliment and work with what you have in the room and also where it meets other rooms.

Consider house style when choosing interior paint colours

Another thing to consider when getting the house painters in is the style of your home.  Is it modern, heritage or does it have specific features you wish to highlight? If you have a lovely heritage home and want to be authentic to the period of home you have you may need to consider more wallpaper options or if the era was known for painting the paint colours may have been quite specific to the time. So we would definitely recommend doing some research into the period of your home if you haven’t already.  Then on the modern front when it comes to home interior paint colours mushroom tones and warm greys are quite popular at the moment and you generally don’t have to worry too much about your home interior which can be a win/win.

At what stage when renovating do the house painters come?

This can vary depending on what you are doing and how extensively you are renovating.  For example, if you are renovating and repolishing floorboards for example then as house painters we would recommend having Summit Coatings come in to paint the interior walls and ceilings after this has been finished so the dust and dirt created during the polishing process don’t damage your newly painted surfaces.  Just touch base with us if you are not sure and we can discuss with our house painters as to how the timing would work the best based on your situation.

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