Although it might seem more convenient and affordable to select the cheapest painter available, doing so will be more costly for your business than selecting a licensed commercial painter Sydney. That’s because a licensed commercial painter will complete your job quickly in order to minimise disruptions to your business while also considering how to minimise any mistakes that can lead to injuries or property damage. Summit Coatings follow all Australian standards and guidelines in order to extend the life of our work and protect you from costly mistakes that other painters might make. Here’s why a licensed commercial painter Sydney is essential to completing your next paint job.

Their experience will help avoid delays

Master painters are familiar with the most common surface problems to look for and know how to solve each problem efficiently. Proper preparation determines how the final product will look and how long it will last. When you work with a licensed commercial painter your work is finished correctly the first time around and it’s completed in a manner that interrupts your normal business activity the least. You’ll be satisfied with every step of the painting process from inspecting the surface condition to cleaning up the space once painting has been completed. Working with experienced painters means that you don’t have to perform touch up work or worry about getting the space repainted after a couple years, since the work is done to the highest standards from the very beginning.

They know how to use the right materials

When you turn to Summit Coatings for your Sydney commercial painting, you’re not only employing a team that’s familiar with painting commercial space; you’re receiving experts in all fields of painting. Inexperienced painters can’t match our value and don’t have expertise selecting the right type of paint for your space, combining colours to make your environment warm and inviting, or determining which materials are of the highest quality. Our team are trained in selecting materials that match your environmental requirements and your budget. Plus we know how to fix environmental hazards like lead paint and asbestos in older buildings and can make your space safe for your employees and customers.

They have insurances & warranties

When a painter has insurance, it protects not only themselves, but your customers, employees, and property as well. When a painter works without insurance, there’s a huge liability issue because then you aren’t protected if there’s an accident that causes damage to one of your team members or your property. Whenever you look for a commercial painter Sydney, always check their insurance policies and make sure that you’re protected. Never go with anyone that doesn’t have Public Liability Insurance or Worker’s Compensation Insurance. When it comes to paint warranties, most of the time your materials will be warrantied with the manufacturer and the workmanship and labour is warrantied by the painting company. Also, review how long your paint work is supposed to last and select a professional commercial painter that that will be around well into the future to complete any touch up work while still under warranty to save money and time.

To learn more about our commercial painter Sydney, or to discuss your next project, contact Summit Coatings today.