Whether you hired a house painter in Sydney or prefer to DIY, painting your home is a huge investment of both your time and money. Now that the residential painting job is done, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the new look of your home. However, you do need to think about maintenance for your paint.

To ensure that your fantastic paintwork will not go to waste, you’ll need to extend the longevity of your paint as much as possible. Today, we are sharing maintenance tips for your newly painted home.

Check for Stains and Spots

As time goes by and your residential painter has gone, stains and spots will collect in your newly painted home. We highly recommend treating them immediately to lighten the workload of cleaning stubborn spots from painted surfaces. As easy as it sounds, you may not be wary of spots as soon as they appear.

Investing time to investigate busy areas in your home will help locate potential spots that need to be treated. Busy areas in your home include staircase walls, hallways, kitchens, and kids’ bedrooms.

As a homeowner, pay attention to where children and or pets like to play. Also, pay attention to where furniture, like couches and chairs, touches the walls.

How to Clean Stains and Spots

As soon as you see an area that needs to be cleaned, prepare a damp sponge and water and use it to clean the area. If deep-cleaning is necessary, add a small amount of dishwasher detergent into the damp sponge.

Handling Moulds

Moulds develop in warm and humid areas. Our expert, Sydney house painters, say that these typically thrive in bathrooms and basements. As a homeowner, you can purchase specialty paints that can prevent the growth of moulds, so that’s something to consider to reach out to our highly experienced team of painters.

residential painters sydney share mould tips and advice at summit coatings

As soon as you see a wall with mould or mildew, examine the affected area and determine how severe the infestation is. Clean it with a solution – one-part bleach to four parts water.

Tip: if the area is more than 9 sq. ft., consider hiring a professional to clean it.

Avoiding Fading Paint

Our residential house painters in Sydney always recommend the use of high-quality paint to avoid fading paint. Even in extreme weather conditions, paint fade is not a significant problem is high-quality paint was used for any painting job.

However, if you are unaware of the type of quality used for your residential painting, there are ways to avoid fading paint. If you prefer to have a little bit of sunshine passing through, consider tinting your windows with a UV protectant. Use curtains or shades to block direct exposure to sunlight.

Hire a Professional

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