If you’ve ever had sudden roof damage, then you know how expensive total roof replacement is. But there are simple ways to maintain the look and life of your roof that cost significantly less money and take less time than a full replacement. Roof spraying, also known as roof painting is beneficial for a number of reasons. It not only changes your roof cosmetically, but it also extends the life of your roof anywhere from ten to fifteen years. Why incur the expense of roof replacement, when the properly timed roof spraying in your Sydney home is just as effective at a lower cost?

The process of roof spraying Sydney

Summit Coatings, a multi-award winning painting business that services the North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Greater Sydney areas knows how to properly take care of your roof. Our Master Painters complete your roof spraying correctly by focusing on the whole painting process from beginning consultation to the final clean up. Your roof’s current condition determines the level of prep work that needs to be completed. We’ll start by cleaning your roof, which effectively removes any mold and algae to make your roof look splendid. Then we’ll let the roof dry so that a surface coat can properly adhere to your roof.
While some painters use dangerous chemicals to cut down on the prep time while power washing your roof, Summit Coatings uses eco-friendly products that are more effective at removing grime and dirt buildups on your roof. A good wash also lets us check your roof for any damaged areas that need to be resealed before applying any paint. We focus on doing things right the first time so that the life of your roof is extended, without cutting back on important prep work that makes all the difference.

Benefits of roof spraying Sydney

After your roof has been thoroughly cleaned and any problem areas have been corrected, it’s time for the first paint coat. We start with a roof sealant so that your roof doesn’t take the sun, wind, and rain damage directly, instead diverting the elements to the sealant. No matter what type of roofing material you have installed on your home, we’ll find the proper sealant for you. We work with high quality product manufactures with options for metal, shingled, and tiled roofs. The products that we use effectively remove and prevent mold and solve leaks on nearly every roof type.
After the roof sealant, we apply coats of quality paint to further protect the surface. On a humid day with low outside temperatures, sprayed coats of paint dry quickly. A light top coat in the right weather conditions stops common roof painting problems like bubbling or cracking which only result in more roofing problems. Once the first coat is dry, we complete a second coat so that your roof looks brand new and properly protects your home from the elements.
Are you ready for roof spraying in Sydney? We can’t wait to extend our professional family owned business services to you. Give us a call or contact us today, and we’ll send someone out to take a look at your roof and recommend colours that match with your dream home.