Interior painting can have such an effect on a room.
There are so many illusions interior paint colours can give a room:

  • Bigger than it is.
  • Smaller than it is
  • Brighter than it is
  • Darker than it is

It’s amazing how paint can play a part in the above.
Even down to creating different moods and perceptions.

  • Dark colours – create a cosier feel as well as sophistication and glamour
  • Light colours – create a fresh, peaceful atmosphere and can be great for productivity

And when you pair your paint colour with your furnishings and décor it pulls the overall effect together even more.

Source: Fab How

Interior painting and choosing your colours

There are so many colour choices available and shades and variations and textures and then you can even throw wallpaper into the mix of choices too and it can be quite overwhelming.
But we are going to break it down for you and simplify the process.
It doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it seems and a plan is always a great place to start.
So, to start with what does the room do for you and how do you want it to make you feel?
If it’s the kitchen is it the hub of the home?
Do you want it to be your central point, where people are drawn to and linger around?
Or do you want it to be structured, everything as a point and it’s just where you cook your meals and that’s it.
If it’s the first option then you want something that is warm and inviting.
Yellows and oranges are a great way to do this.
Remember you don’t need to go with bold colours you can choose shades of these colours or tones as shown in the image below.
Or if you really can’t see these colours on your walls then you can concentrate these efforts more on your accessories.
Maybe a feature with your splashback or a feature wall that can be easily changed.
Or accessorise with wall art or your kitchen appliances.
There are some amazing colours these days.
If you are a Thermomix owner you can even accessorise and add a pop of colour with some stunning decals.

Look at the whole picture when updating your interior painting

When choosing your colours don’t forget to look at the bigger picture.
What accessories are you going to use?
What floor coverings will you use and what material will they be – carpet, tile, wooden, etc?
What furniture and soft furnishings will you use?
What window coverings will you use?
This all plays a part in what colour your walls should be.
Some people like to do a mood board for a room.
It doesn’t need to be as complicated as some of the examples shown in the link.
But a mood board works well if you are quite a visual person.

Source: Pinterest

Balance your interior paint colours

The key as always is balance.
Balance your bold colours and textures so they work together and complement each other.
Some colours can look different when put together.
And the light in the room can play a part in this too.
If you don’t have a lot of natural light then darker colours or bold colours can look darker or more intense.
Some colours when placed together can be more playful or vivid.
Remember white is still a colour and can work wonders to break up or compliment another colour combination.

Colour and its scientific effects

It is scientifically proven that colour influences people.
Did you know that light is absorbed by the eye and converted into another form of energy, which then enables us to see colour?
The light energy stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands which regulate our hormones and other physiological systems in the body.
Orange – if you are on a diet avoid orange as it’s known to stimulate the appetite but it does reduce fatigue so you might have to pick your battles with that one.
Red – stimulates, excites and warms the body. It also increases the heart rate, brain activity and respiration. So, avoid red if you suffer from high blood pressure.
Pink – is soothing and has a tranquilising effect. So, might be handy to remember if you are doing a nursery for a baby girl.
Yellow – is great for remembering things. It does also raise blood pressure and pulse rate but not to the effect that red does. (Sorry, I didn’t colour co-ordinate this colour as you just couldn’t read it).
Green – great for calmness, soothing and relaxing effects. It’s also great for control the anxiety associated with controlling the impulse of overeating.
Blue – another great relaxing colour so remember it if you are doing a nursery for a baby boy. It has a calming effect and lowers blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Great in hot climates for the cooling effect it has.
Another great fact that is if you have a preference to a colour then it means the body “needs” it for the effects that it has.

Not sure if your interior painting colours work

If you would like a second opinion we do have a colour consultant that you can work with.
Another set of eyes never hurts.
So, feel free to contact us to arrange this.
We would be more than happy to speak to you about your interior painting needs too if you are around the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney.


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