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A residential painter like Summit Coatings always loves seeing the new colour trends which come with a new year. Our favourite source for 2017 colour trends is Behr which is why we’ve taken our top picks for interior colour trends 2017 from the Behr collection. This year, Behr has separated their colours into three categories:

  • Confident
  • Composed
  • Comfortable

This is a great solution for those looking for colour choices, as it’s easy to identify which type of decorator you are and then choose your colours accordingly. Check out our top colours for interior colour trends 2017:

The Confident Palette

“The Confident palette embodies all that is fun about color – it is adventurous and takes some risks. These colors are perfect for places you want to add a drama point – an accent wall, the back of a door, a piece of furniture…”

Our favourite for interiors? Jade Dragon.
With a hint of retro and plenty of personality, green hues such as this add depth and character to an otherwise black & white kitchen. Using bright colours from the Confident collection as accent colours are the best way to achieve an on-trend look without going overboard. 
Source: Behr

The Composed Palette

“The Composed colors are an excellent backdrop for layering and to showcase other colors in furniture and decor. This palette features a mix of mysterious earth colors and deep jewel tones.”

Our favourite for interiors? Shades On.
For all you more neutral homeowners, Shades On is a darker twist on the neutral whites and greys of 2016. Being such a dark hue, it’s still quite bold, but can be softened with more traditional touches like wall panelling and rich timber floors.
Source: Behr

The Comfortable Palette

“The Comfortable colors are muted pastels, evolving away from sweet and bright colors. They feel feminine and sophisticated, especially when paired with light, natural tones.”

Our favourite for interiors? Close Knit.
Again, a neutral colour but a little safer than the previous bolder grey. We predict Close Knit and colours similar will be very popular throughout Sydney homes in 2017. With it’s earthy yet modern tone, Close Knit is the perfect all-rounder colour for your home. Pair with popping pastels for an ultra-chic feel.

Source: Behr
If you’re thinking about updating the interior of your home with some fresh paint colours, contact Summit Coatings today. Our colour consultants are there to assist you with finding the perfect colour palette for your home.