Are you looking at ways to improve your apartments? Quality strata painting is an effective and quality way to add value to your North Shore apartment building.

Whilst cheap doesn’t always mean shoddy, cheap can throw up a few red flags if it’s excessively on the low side. If you want a reliable and reputable company, as well as peace of mind, paying a little extra can go a long way to adding value to your North Shore apartments.

Today we look at what you can expect from top-quality professional painters and how they will add value to your North Shore apartment complex.

Why should I use a professional strata painting company for my North Shore apartment?

For starters, strata painting projects are a lot different to residential painting projects. There are so many other parties and aspects involved. You need to ensure you engage with a professional and qualified strata painter. From dealing with

  • strata managers
  • body corporates
  • tenants
  • owners
  • councils
  • the general public

Strata painting is very complex.

Choose a company that has years of experience working on large-scale painting jobs and projects and carries all the relevant licenses and insurances.

professional strata painting in north shore with painters summit coatings

What can I expect from a professional strata painting company in North Shore?

  • Longevity of workmanship
  • Quality work
  • Product warranty
  • Fully qualified and experienced team
  • Professional team
  • All required insurances and licenses
  • A project that runs smoothly, to time and budget requirements
  • High standards and an even higher quality finish

How does strata painting add value to my North Shore apartment?

We all know the interior and exterior of a freshly painted apartment complex will look as good as new. Strata painting is no different.

Maybe you’re planning on painting the entire strata complex or just adding points of interest to your strata’s exterior. Whatever the plan, any new paintwork on your North Shore strata property will add value. A modern strata painting makeover will see your property go up in value!

Strata painting doesn’t just make your complex aesthetically pleasing! Paint also protects the building. A newly painted strata building will be less prone to things such as concrete damage and rust. But looking after the strata painting on your North Shore apartment complex will also:

  • Increase saleability
  • Increase rental return
  • Increase value
  • Improve street appeal

top quality strata painting adds value to your north shore apartment with summit coatings

How to choose the best strata painters for your North Shore apartment

Here are our top tips on ensuring you are selecting the best strata painters in the business.

  • Quotes: obtain 2-3 quotes and compare apples for apples
  • References: check previous work and before and after photos. Experienced painters in Sydney will have an extensive gallery to show off their work.
  • Reviews: The easiest way to check a company out is to read their online reviews!
  • Licenses and insurances: this is a big one. All professional strata painters must hold all the relevant licenses and current insurance policies. Do not take their word for it – ask for copies! Keep in mind a lot of strata painting projects involve high rise buildings. This means painters need to be licensed and capable to work at heights as well.
  • Trust your instincts: if something feels off, it usually is! Always trust the feeling you get when you speak with your prospective painters.
  • The cheapest is never the best option: Yes, it’s great to get a bargain but not so much when it comes to something as crucial as your strata painting. If a company’s quote comes in a lot lower than the others, it’s probably best to steer clear! Sometimes a little bit extra initially may save you a BIG headache later!

Here at Summit Coatings, we specialise in professional strata painting. We have a fantastic reputation around the North Shore and Northern Beaches for our strata painting service. We know exactly what’s involved with strata painting projects. This includes working with all parties involved to ensure the project runs smoothly.

We are members of the Master Painters Association of NSW, so you can rest assured our service will be beyond professional. If you’re thinking of adding value to your strata building, we can help. Whether it be a big or small strata painting project, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today for a free quote or to see how we can assist!


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