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Painting can be messy business. Even for professional North Shore painters like Summit Coatings, there is always a risk of paint finding its way on an item not meant for recolouring. Our North Shore painters take special precautions to ensure your home is protected from those wayward drips. We pride ourselves on our thorough preparation, which might slightly increase the amount of time to complete your paint job, but is vital part of the process. Here are some of the main steps required to ensure your home and belongings stay in pristine condition.

Secure a drop cloth

There’s a reason North Shore painters drive around with meters and meters of fabric in their utes. The drop cloth is synonymous with painting, and for good reason. Gravity is a dripping paint’s best (or worst) friend, so by covering your floors we can ensure any paint goes directly on to your walls, or is saved by the drop cloth instead of hitting your new carpet. However, simply laying a giant sheet of material on the ground isn’t the end of securing your drop cloth – you actually need take the edges to a secure surface using masking tape. This will ensure there is no movement, risking exposure of any surfaces. This is also an important safety step to make sure no one trips over any loose parts of cloth.
Whilst there are many different types of drop cloths, our favourites have a plastic lining under the canvas fabric for that extra layer of protection.

Cover your furniture with plastic

Now that your floors are taken care of, it’s time to cover the couch, table, TV unit, and any other furniture which won’t be removed from the room. Whilst we always recommend all furniture and decor items are relocated from the area prior to painting, it’s not always realistic. Luckily, plastic drop sheets exist!
Any item not removed from the room should be placed in the centre of the area as much as possible, to allow access to your walls. This furniture should then be covered in plastic. Again, use masking table to secure the ends of the plastic so there is no chance of paint touching the suede on your new couch.

Move it out

If it can be moved, get it out. Here, we’re talking about lamps, decorative bowls, ornaments, vases, small side tables; everything which can be easily relocated to another space. As North Shore painters, Summit Coatings always works to ensure your belongings are protected whilst works are underway, but as with any job site, things can go wrong. A delivery guy could knock that priceless murano glass vase, or your visiting neighbour might slide past the cushion your son made in school with paint on his shorts. The best way to fix a paint disaster is to avoid it in the first place.

What to do if your paint drips

If, even after all of your efforts, paint does find its way to where it’s not wanted, there are some solutions. Firstly, get it while it’s wet. Just like it’s easier to remove a stain from clothing before it dries, paint is easier to remove when wet. Keep a paint rag handy and move fast! If it’s too late and you only discover the drip after it’s set, try using Mineral Turpentine to lift the paint. Be careful on which surface you’re using this, though. It might remove more than just the paint. Try a small dab in a discreet area first.
Whilst some clients prefer to take care of the protective process themselves Summit Coatings, as North Shore painters, offers this service as a part of all their North Shore painting packages and we pride ourselves on our thorough preparation. If you would like to find out more about the steps Summit Coatings takes to ensure the best quality paint finish for your home, contact us today via email, or call 02 9973 3131.