Choosing the right colour for your home is no easy feat. With such a vast array of colour options and textures to choose from, it’s no wonder many home owners get stressed when choosing a colour scheme! As Sydney house painters, we have seen how residential homes are enhanced with the right shade. No paint colour is permanent, so you can have a little fun with it. Choose something daring from our 2015 Colour Trends book and get going on making your home your haven!
Here are our top tips to help you choose your next colour scheme:

1. Consider the space

We choose different finishes for difference spaces. Often, the living, kitchen and dining areas are our busiest, and where we spend most of our time. For this reason, as Sydney house painters, we recommend keeping things simple. Many Sydney homes will opt for neutrals in this space, but just because your aim is to keep it simple, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colour. If you’re thinking something a little more bold than on-trend pale hues, consider a bold feature wall on a smaller wall of the lounge room, but keep the rest neutral.

2. What else is in the room?

It’s important to consider the furniture and decor in the room when choosing colour. Further to the point above, the living, kitchen, dining areas tend to hold most of our big ticket items, as well as our knick knacks, and accumulation of “stuff”. This is another reason why it’s important to keep things simple in these spaces. For a master bedroom, however, often there is just a bed, side tables and possibly an accent chair. This is where you can really turn up the creativity! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour in less cluttered areas and let your walls do the talking.

3. What is the room used for?

Blue creates a feeling of calm, red inspires passion and orange suggests approachability and warmth. Based on these examples, consider the feeling you want the room to create and don’t forget the psychology of colour. It’s obvious to see why blue is used in the bedroom or bathroom, whilst red feature walls make a common appearance in dining rooms and oranges adorn the entry.

4. What lighting will be in the space?

Lighting can make or break a colour choice. Lighting is crucial to setting the mood of a room and it can change the way the colour appears on the wall. When choosing colour, be sure to always test samples in the actual location, and with the actual light which will be used. Just think of how different a room can feel with bright LED downlights, versus soft, warm white uplighting. You’ll also be surprised how much the position of the sun can alter the colour of a room. Rule of thumb: the more light, the brighter the colour will appear.
Whilst there is often too much choice when it comes to colour, Summit Coatings offers colour consultancy to make the choice easier and have made it easy by compiling the 2015 Colour Trends book below. As Sydney house painters, we understand how our residential customers want their homes to feel and can provide suitable options to make their visions a reality. Contact us on 02 9973 3131 or via the website.

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