Deciding on the right paint colours for your home is always exciting but can also be overwhelming. We are here to help you choose the perfect colour scheme for the exterior and interior of your home. Below we look at how our residential painters North Shore choose the right paint colours.

How our residential painters North Shore choose the right exterior paint colours

Your exterior paint colour can make or break your street appeal and that of surrounding homes. It is the first aspect people will notice about your North Shore home. There are two main factors to consider when completing the residential painting on your North Shore home:

1. Review the exterior areas that are the hardest to change

Your roof, concrete areas, pathways, guttering, driveway, and stonework are the hardest area to change. Consider their colours and what colours would work best with these areas. Unless you are completing a full exterior renovation, the most effective option is to complement your exterior paint with these areas.

2. Consider the era of your home

Whether you have a Californian bungalow, modern townhouse or Victorian heritage home, it is important to choose the right paint colour for the era of your North Shore home. Our residential painters can work closely with our colour consultant to ensure the right colours are chosen to perfectly suit any home’s era and style.

How our residential painters North Shore choose the right interior paint colours

Much like the exterior, it’s important to look at the era of your North Shore home. Decide what feel you want to achieve:

  • Modern
  • Heritage
  • Make a statement, etc.

Unlike the exterior of your home, the interior has a lot more factors to take into consideration when choosing the right paint colours.

It’s important to consider elements of your interior that you won’t be changing or can’t change. Things like kitchens, floors coverings, furniture pieces etc. What are those colours/tones? Consider the colours that will complement those elements. For example, you may have a brown leather couch that is the focal point to your room. You will need to compliment the colour to the couch to achieve the best interior paint colour scheme.
Interiors also often incorporate a feature wall and/or different texture as shown in the image below.

The best way to test your interior paint colours is to directly paint a section of the wall. Alternatively, you can paint a large piece of paper or board and pin it up on the wall, hold it next to the couch or other items in the room.
As a general rule use:

  • Darker shades for the floor
  • Medium shades for the walls
  • Lighter shades for the ceiling.

Much like the outside world when you think about it. However, this is just a general rule and rules are always meant to be broken. Or there is always exceptions to the rule. The interior of your North Shore home really is a blank canvas to create whatever spectacular colour scheme you wish.

If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, we recommend sticking to a neutral colour palette. Real estate agents in North Shore recommend this too. As potential buyers find it easier to visualise how they would personalise the home to their taste.

Use of the Colour Wheel

Our residential painters in North Shore understand all aspects of painting and colour. We can help you understand how a colour wheel works. Or read our previous article “Interior Painters Sydney Have Finished, Now Add Colour for a More” in-depth look.
The colour wheel can help you choose the right paint colour in 3 ways:

  1. Complementary colours;
  2. Analogous colours; and
  3. Triad Colours

Our multi-award wining painting business of residential painters in North Shore is to here to help you choose the right paint colours. We will work closely with you to ensure a stress free painting experience. Our gallery shows the high quality work we continuously strive to complete. Using only the best paint from Taubmans Endure, you can rest assure your North Shore home will be the best looking on the street. Contact us today to discuss your painting needs.


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