With the cost of living rising rapidly, more and more people are opting to live in smaller dwellings such as flats, units and townhouses. The good news is, small spaces can easily look bigger with the right paint colours! So, if you’re looking at your small area and thinking ‘how can I make this small space look bigger’, we’ve got the answers!

How do I choose the right paint colours to make a small space look bigger and brighter?

First of all, choose your paint colours carefully! When it comes to small spaces your paint colour will make or break the look and feel of the room. Often people think in order to make a small space appear bigger you must use all white… wrong! Yes, as everyone knows, white paint will always make a small space appear larger. But you don’t have to just go with the pure white, clinical look! You can always enlist the help of a professional colour consultant if you’re really unsure on what colours to choose.
Light and bright colours make walls more reflective which makes it appear as though there is more space. Soft, light and bright colours such as white, grey, pink, blue, green and yellow look great in small spaces. Using light and bright hues on the walls and painting your architraves and doors a bright white will look great. It keeps the walls from closing in visually which, in turn, makes the room feel larger. We are big fans of combining multiple shades of whites and greys to achieve a classy and spacious feel. Don’t worry, Taubmans Endure have endless shades of colours to choose from. Check out our previous post on the 50 top shades of grey!

Source: Best Home Ideas

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Creating the perfect mood with the right paint colours is important in a small room

The main priority for a small space is to make it look bigger. But it’s also important to make the room feel good as well. Choosing the right paint colour will ensure you set the right mood and love your small space for a long time! Have a look at the mood some hues generally create below:

  • White: clean, pure, open.
  • Grey: sophisticated, calm, elegant.
  • Pink: calming, kind, playful.
  • Blue: relaxing, serene, cool.
  • Green: restful, refreshing, comforting.
  • Yellow: joyful, energizing, uplifting.

Source: Inspire Home Designs

Source: Boligcious

Tips on how to make a small space appear bigger

We have the paint colours covered but there are also some other things you can do to compliment your new paint job!

  • Lighting: natural light is the best way to make a newly painted small area look even bigger. If there isn’t much natural light, invest in some great lighting including lamps and wall lights.
  • De-clutter: in a small space, everything counts. Even the best-painted area can look very small if there’s clutter everywhere. If you’re not very good at getting things organised, call in the professional organisers to help!
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall: just like reflective paint hues making a small room look bigger, so will mirrors and other reflective items! Small kitchens often look a lot bigger with a mirrored splashback. Or you can simply hang a mirror on the wall.
  • Furniture: it’s important to use the right furniture for your small area. Multi-functional furniture is huge nowadays. Think a sofa bed or bed with drawers for storage!

If you’re sick and tired of feeling cramped in your small space, we can help. We are members of the Master Painters Association NSW and have decades of experience. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your home!


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