Has your strata committee decided North Shore or Northern Beaches strata complex needs a new coat of paint? But now you’re asking yourself how to choose your strata complex paint colours for your North Shore property?

We have you covered! We have put together a list of things to consider when you sit down to decide which colours will work well for your strata complex and what areas you need to consider and take into account.

Paint colours for the interior of your strata complex in North Shore

It’s always quite stressful to decide what colours work best with the interiors, especially for a strata complex and theirs so many factors to consider.

Here are some of the tips we like to pass onto our clients when making that big decision so that you can feel more confident with your choice!

Consider your strata complex surroundings in North Shore or Northern Beaches

  • Flooring
  • Artwork – that you have that you don’t want to change
  • Hallways and stairwells – are the light and bright or do they have limited to no natural light?
  • Light fittings

Take into account all of the above and the colours and textures. lift the area.

Don’t forget your architraves and skirtings

This is a really clever way to make a big impact with the colours making your overall end finish look amazing. You could go with the same colour as your walls which is making a bit of a trend at the moment, or something more classic – pure white! Definitely, don’t forget to discuss this with your body corporate when making the decision.

Go bigger and brighter

Light, cool and pale colours make an area look bigger and brighter and will leave the space feeling cleaner, larger and will also appeal to a larger group of people.

Especially when it comes to the hallway and stairwell and whether it has good natural light or not. As if it doesn’t you won’t want to use a dark or deep paint you would generally want something that is fresher and will

Consider natural lighting for your North Shore strata complex

Always consider the lighting as more natural light will lighten up the colours while a room that has little to no light will look much darker. As we’ve said quite important when it comes to the stairwells.

This is also true with the actual light fittings and how it will interact with the paint. You can use warmer or cool light bulbs to work with the paint colour.

For example, a warmer colour can make the room look smaller and “cosier” – which is perfect for a large empty room that looks cold.

Strata complex paint colours in North Shore multi unit complex with Summit Coatings

How to choose your exterior painting for your strata complex

Picking exterior paint colours can be scary and you might be wondering how you will ever decide what colour palette to use.

We listed some of our top things to consider when deciding on an exterior colour!

Stick to neutral colours for the exterior

A good rule of thumb is to stick to more neutral colours. The exterior of your strata complex isn’t something you want to update when the colour goes out of style.

  • Neutral colours blend well with the environment and are great for longevity as they don’t go out of style.
  • Remember that colours will look lighter on larger areas so consider choosing a colour darker or testing an area before you decide on a final colour.

Consider the visual impact that your paint colour will have

What visual impact do you want to make? Is the building or unit a tall or small one? Does it have a lot of character that has colours that really suit the personality of the building?

Is it surrounded by landscaping with many different colours or is it in the middle of a block with nothing surrounding it?

  • Do you want a colour that blends with your surroundings?
  • Or do you want a colour that will showcase your complex and make the exterior pop?

If you want to showcase the exterior more – consider lighter and brighter colours. For exteriors that already pop enough, you may want to consider a darker colour.

Hopefully, you have a better idea what to consider when choosing your interior and exterior paint colours for your strata complex in North Shore or Northern Beaches Sydney. If you still need more direction and guidance, then we are here to help and with over 30 years experience and many awards behind us, we know what we are talking about.


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