If you own an investment property, it’s always stressful when it comes time to find a new tenant. Having your investment property empty for too long can put real financial strain on your budget, especially if you rely on incoming rent to service the mortgage repayments.
It goes without saying that a clean, bright and well maintained property will always be more appealing to prospective tenants. Neat gardens and a clean interior are must-haves, but people often overlook how a professional painter can get your property leased faster, and for a higher rental rate.

Washing external areas

Professional painters don’t just “paint”. There are a number of services which are involved in a professional paint job which can also be offered as standalone services to improve the appearance of your investment property. One of the most popular services we offer for investment properties is house washing. This involves a specific system using high pressure cleaners and professional cleaning products to remove built up dirt and grime. This build up can make your property look much older that it actually is. In particular, if you have lighter coloured walls or outdoor space (like a deck), dirt can be extremely visible and off-putting for a potential tenant. Just a few hours of house washing can help you secure that tenant and see rent coming in sooner.

Make the interior look fresher

Just like washing the external areas of the property, interior walls are a big culprit for being scuffed and marked by tenants. Under most tenancy laws, tenants need to leave the property in a good condition, however general wear and tear needs to be accounted for. Any good tenant will wash walls before they vacate a property, however if this is not up to standard a professional painter can take it to the next level. What’s more, if professional cleaning activities such as this are completed prior to lease commencement, you can list it as a requirement that tenants must do the same upon exiting.

A new on-trend colour can make the property feel newer

Whilst not every landlord is prepared to paint their investment property between every tenancy, it is important to have the property painted every 5 years not only for visual appeal, but to protect the walls. This of course depends on environmental factors. In particular, a new paint job in an on-trend colour palette will make your property appear newer and more desirable for prospective tenants (even if you’ve still got the kitchen in from 1975).
If you’re looking for a professional painter to rejuvenate your investment property ready for rent, contact Summit Coatings today.