Unfortunately not every painting contractor has the experience and dedication necessary to complete commercial painting jobs correctly. If you’ve ever dealt with an unprofessional Sydney commercial painter, you’ll understand just how much they can get in the way of your business. Although you may feel like you’re saving money by going with an amateur paint company, they may end up costing you time and money in the long run. That’s why it’s important to select professional contractors that minimise disruptions to your business while delivering consistent results every time. Here’s what the best Sydney commercial painters do differently that other painters often overlook.

They are quicker and more efficient

Professional Sydney commercial painters work differently from beginning to end. Instead of taking shortcuts and using methods that shave time off prep work, true Master Painters start by focusing on preparing walls and surfaces correctly. This dedication to following the highest standards of craftsmanship is evident in the end result. It’s the difference between needing to repaint your commercial building in a couple years versus having your space look amazing for years to come. In addition, when your painting foundation is prepared right, clean up is easy and there’s less maintenance to complete over time.

They work around regular office hours

Your ordinary painter prefers to work during the business day and doesn’t have your customer’s best interest in mind. At Summit Coatings we understand just how distracting construction projects can be for your employees and customers. If  your commercial property is painted during operating hours, our specialists will select materials that don’t create unpleasant paint odours. Your employees and your customers will appreciate the beauty of our work, instead of being distracted by paint fumes and unfinished walls. At Summit, we also offer our services outside of regular business hours. Just ask us about this during the quoting process. 

They avoid mistakes by doing things right the first time

Failure to properly prepare is the most common mistake that inexperienced Sydney commercial painters make. This can lead to a variety of problems such as paint wrinkling, cracking, or blistering. When you select the right Master Painter, you ensure that everything is done correctly during the preparation, painting, and cleanup process. Not only are professional painters insured, licensed, and protected, but they consider your health, use the right materials, and never leave you with the cleanup.

You’ll notice the difference

Summit Coatings commercial painting in Sydney is recognised as a leader in ethical business practise. We don’t just paint space, we help you create a work environment that increases employee productivity and improves employee and customer mood.
Our Sydney commercial painting estimates include all of the preparation and remedial work necessary to get the job done right, without any costly surprises. We’re certain that when you compare our rates with those of other painters, you are going to receive the highest industry standard services at the most competitive price.
If you want need to select a Sydney commercial painter that will minimise disruptions to your business, it’s always great to select professionals with the expertise to do things in a way that benefits your team and your customers. Get things done right the first time by not settling for sub-par painting contractors. Give us a call and we’ll give you a quote on the work at your convenience.