As Sydney house painters, Summit Coatings and our clients enjoy the luxury of quite a stable weather system all year round. This means, we don’t have to deal with adverse weather conditions like extreme heat, snow or endless rain like other areas in Australia. There are, however, important seasonal considerations when planning your next residential painting project. House painting in winter has a few pro’s and con’s that we’ve outlined below to help you plan out your next home renovation.

WINTER PRO: Less rain, more gain

Rain is one of the biggest weather issues which affect house painting in winter. Winter is a good time to approach a job which is weather dependent, as Sydney typically experiences its driest months from July to October. And it’s not just an exterior paint job which is affected by rainy conditions. An internal paint job can also be affected by moisture in the air caused by severe rain, causing paint to dry considerable slower. Whilst weather is one of those things beyond anyone’s control, rain can seriously delay a project schedule by days, if not weeks. For that reason, if you only have a tight window for completing a job, consider doing so in Sydney’s drier months.

WINTER CON: Ventilation

Whilst many of today’s premium paint is generally safe, most paints still contain toxic chemicals. As part of any good Sydney house painters’ rigorous health and safety program, adequate ventilation must be achieved on site. In summer, most clients are happy to throw open their windows and let the fresh air funnel through their living room, however is this something you can cope with when we’re dealing with temperatures hovering around that 10 degrees? Sure, Sydney’s temperatures rarely fall below that, but if you have young children or older relatives living with you at home, this may not be an option. As Sydney house painters, if achieving ventilation while house painting in winter is not possible, we recommend holding until the temperature warms up.

WINTER PRO: Dry air = dry walls

Humidity increases in Sydney’s warmer months, and this increased moisture in the air means those coats of paint take longer to dry. Summit Coatings only uses premium paint for their clients, so generally issues like humidity do have only a marginal effect on the product, however extreme humidity can pose problems. The dry air we experience in winter does assist in drying the paint, which means we can get back on with the job faster.

WINTER CON: Low temps

This might sound counter to the above point, however the cooler temperatures we experience in winter might have an adverse affect on the rate at which paint dries. Whilst summer does present humidity issues, the warmer temperatures do also work to assist in the drying process. In Winter, with the cold temperatures, paint might take a little longer to dry. In comparison, this is a rather minute issue and to counter this problem, Summit Coatings use industrial standard heaters to make sure your job runs on schedule.
Every season has it’s own unique weather conditions which need to be dealt with when planning a residential painting job. However, working as Sydney house painters for the past 30 years, Summit Coatings knows a thing or two about how to manage house painting in winter and the weather conditions for all seasons.
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