Are you renovating or building your new forever home? Here we share our house painter tips for North Shore and surrounds. One of the many choices you have when it comes to building or renovating is whether to use cornice or to square set? If you are a bit confused as to what we are talking about it. It’s the plaster board that runs around the top of your room and covers the join where the plasterboard on the walls meets the plasterboard on the ceilings.

The above image showcases a cornice style from Lifestyle Interior Linings

The above image showcases a room we painted that was square set.
There are many cornice styles to choose from. It really does come down to personal choice and the style you are trying to achieve with your home.

House painter tips North Shore: To cornice or square set that is the question

Choosing whether to cornice or square set really depends on the style of your home. Square setting is a modern and minimalist look. Whereas cornice is normally used in classic or heritage style homes. In saying that though Gyprock does have a contemporary range of cornice that is more modern which would suit a minimalist look too.

Cornice style advice from your Northern Shore house painters

There are many styles of cornice available that will suit many styles. Gyprock has many contemporary styles which would suit a more modern and minimalist look too. As well as having a more intricate and detailed look as well as the standard range. A lot of people like the feature that cornice creates.

Features Duo style cornice from Gyprock

Square set house painter tips for North Shore homes

Square looks fabulous if you have a modern home or are going for that clean cut minimalist look. Just ensure you engage a qualified and capable plasterer. Your joints need to be 100% perfect as square setting is not forgiving at all.
Unfortunately, square setting isn’t always budget friendly though. As it’s a more labour intensive style. But that’s a decision you will have to make with your renovation budget.

4 tips to choose a plaster from the best house painter North Shore

  1. Engage a qualified and capable plasterer:
  2. Budget: someone that fits within your budget.
  3. Referral: as we say with most things try and get a referral for a reliable and qualified plasterer. If you don’t know anyone that has recent plastering done, then speak to your painting contractor. They should be able to refer you to someone or organise it for you.
  4. Quotes: can multiple quotes if you are going to hire someone yourself. Quotes can vary considerably as you probably no doubt know. Remember though sometimes cheap isn’t always best especially if there’s a huge difference. It begs the question then why and how are they that much cheaper. Are they suitable qualified, experienced and insured?

Now it’s time for the house painting

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