Now it’s spring and time to engage your house painter Sydney to update your interior or exterior painting or find a qualified and experienced painter that will do your home justice.
Dare I say it but Christmas is only 3 months away so now is the time to obtain quotes and book any painting jobs in.

How you can get ready for your house painter Sydney

If you are freshening up your bathroom or kitchen areas then it’s a good idea to wash your walls to remove any traces of grime, grease, mould or dust.
Detergent mixed with warm water works well or there would no doubt be a chemical-free solution too.
Make sure there is no soap residue left on the wall and the walls are washed in plenty of time for them to dry thoroughly before your house painter arrives to undertake any painting.
If there is any patching work needed then we will discuss this at the time of quoting.
If you have some damage occur between us attending your home for the quote and actually starting work then please let us know.
That way we can make time allowances to rectify any damage to your walls look the best they possibly can when we are finished.

Other ways to get ready before your house painter in Sydney arrives

If your interior painting to be undertaken is a lounge, bedroom or hallway then you can either:

  • Run the vacuum over the wall with the right attachment
  • Microfibre dusters are great
  • As are microfibre cloths to remove any marks, hand prints, etc

Get the exterior of your home ready for the house painter, Sydney

If you are having the outside of your home painted then you can clean off your weatherboards with a hose.
The Karcher’s and the like are very good for this and have some great attachments to get into every nook and cranny.
Things that we will need to address before we start painting are:

  • Flaky and peeling paint
  • Weatherboards that are cracked, dented or open to the weather
  • Choose your paint colour. Take all other areas into consideration – roof colour, exterior doors and windows, etc. If you decide to contract Summit Coatings we have a colour consultant who can help with this.

What you the homeowner should consider when contracting a house painter

  • Make sure they are fully licensed
  • Hold the relevant insurances – public liability, workers compensation, etc
  • They have experienced – we at Summit Coatings have over 30 years experience
  • Testimonials can be supplied
  • Confirm what type of paint and equipment they use. This helps ensure you get a quality job.
  • Ask what type of guarantee do they offer
  • Make sure you obtain more than one quotation and ask questions if you aren’t sure of anything



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