As we’ve mentioned previously on the blog, painting a heritage home isn’t as easy as a contemporary home. With small details in abundance and period features galore, it’s important to choose the right heritage home painter. Why? They will not only deliver a better quality paint job and use quality products which will protect your home for the future, they will also complete a job faster than an inexperienced painter. So how do you decide on the right heritage painter for your next project? Check out our top tips here:

Check their experience

It’s all well and good for a painter to say they’re up for the job, but unless you can see real examples of their work, it’s hard to know for sure. A good heritage home painter will have completed similar jobs in the past. Even if it’s not necessarily the same style of home, the key points to look out for are the amount of detail in a job, how many different colours were used and what type of finishes were completed. For example, Summit was awarded Winner for a heritage style pub we completed in 2013, at the Master Painters Association (MPA) Awards for Excellence. Of course the style of a pub is vastly different to the style of a home, however, the number of different colours used, the tone of these colours and the amount of cutting in required shows a strong example of a heritage paint job done right.

Check their awards

The Empire Hotel isn’t the only heritage job Summit has been recognised for; we were also awarded as a finalist in 2015 for a large heritage home repaint completed in Strathfield. A good heritage home painter will have industry recognition for their work. The Master Painters Association Awards for Excellence is the highest possible achievement for any painter in NSW. Awards are based on a jury of peers, judging the quality of work. To learn more about these awards, visit the MPA website.

Do your heritage home painters offer colour consultancy?

Choosing colours for your heritage home is challenging. Not only do you have your own personal preferences, but you also need to consider the period of the home. Choosing colours which don’t match your style of home can seriously affect the overall feel of the home, not to mention how it looks. When looking for a heritage home painter, ask if they offer colour consultancy in addition to their painting services. At Summit Coatings, our colour consultant can help you find the right colours to suit your personal taste and ensure your home lives up to its potential.

If you’re looking for a heritage home painter which will do your period home justice, speak to Summit Coatings today. Alternatively, learn more about our heritage painting services here.