The colour of your front door is an important aspect of your home and as house painters, in Northern Beaches, we see a lot.
It’s one of the first things visitors or prospective buyers will see if you are putting your home on the market.
It can increase your street appeal.
You can use it as a statement piece if you wish.
Consider the age and style of your home though.
If you have a heritage home and it’s listed, then you will have to keep within the guidelines.
If you have a heritage style home that isn’t listed though you may still wish to keep within the tone and style of the era of your home.
Otherwise when it comes to the style of your front door think about the style at the front of your home – windows, garden, paths, what colours are used, what shapes are used.
Is there something you can carry through to the front door?
Do you want glass panels let in or do you want a solid door?
These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

Choosing your front door paint colours with your house painters Northern Beaches

When choosing your front door colour, it can be quite daunting with so many paint colours available from our recommended paint supplier Taubmans.
Break it down though by having a look at what colours are used around the front of your home:

  • Weatherboards, bricks, etc
  • Window frames
  • Window furnishings – if visible from outside like shutters or venetians are
  • Paving, concrete paths
  • Garage doors
  • Garden plants, trees, flowers, etc
  • Roof and gutters

When looking at all of the above is there a colour you can carry through or link everything together with?
Or would you prefer to make a statement piece like featured on
Another great way to get ideas is to have a wander around your neighbourhood or another neighbourhood that has similar style homes to yours.
There’s nothing like seeing something in person to really tell if you like it or not.

Source: Taubmans

What colours are lucky when it comes to Feng Shui?

Vicki Sauvage from Sauvage Feng Shui recommends that if you want to incorporate Feng Shui into front door paint colours then don’t just paint it red because you’ve read some decorating magazine or book.
Feng Shui does attend to colour – it is an important aspect of Chinese Medical and Metaphysical analysis.
It is, however, important to know what direction your house faces, and then determine the location of the main door.
Not all doors face the street, and some main doors are located to the side or are angled to a different direction from the frontal plane of the house.
It’s important to be specific when determining which way your front door faces so use a compass to determine.
Read on for more information on the 8 main bearings and what it all means for your front door paint colour.

What paint colours say to people

Black: classic and elegant. Normally used with quite a light exterior colour palettes to not be too overbearing. Great with earthy tones too. Can be very stylish in that case.
Blue: not very common but why not use if it fits within the style of your home. Perfect for homes near the beach or ocean. Or why not a pop of colour with a brick home. Blues that are into the grey tones are extremely popular too.
Green: welcoming, contemporary depending on the shade/tone as there are many shades that fall within the heritage tones. Perfect to choose the tone to blend in with your landscaping. Great with stone when the green is more into the deeper heritage shades.
Orange: welcoming, modern. Great with concrete and earth tones. A very modern colour so perfect for those cutting edge architecture style homes.
Purple: dramatic, moody and depending on the shade can be more suited to little girl’s rooms or bat caves at the other end of the spectrum. It will go with most exterior colour palettes though but is quite the statement so best to keep it as a statement piece. Unless you just don’t care and like to stand out from the crowd.
Red: power, passion, vitality, strength. Again, great with greys and blacks but also great with paler colours too give you that pop of colour.
Yellow: welcoming, cheery, happy, positive energy. Great to use if you have a lot of greys, concrete or metal.
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