Are you having some time off from work over January? Is it time to do those little jobs and tidy some things up around the home? We thought we’d share some DIY tips from a residential painter in Sydney’s perspective. We get to talk to a lot of people in our line of work so we thought we’d cover a few problems that we come across – from how to paint around door hinges to what to do with leftover paint and wallpaper.

Painting around door hinges: DIY tips from your residential painter in Sydney

The keyword here is around. Let’s be honest – getting paint on your hinges doesn’t look good now does it? It’s even harder to get off that it is to paint around the hinges.
Ideally, if you are in a position contract a local painting firm to do the job for you. Summit Coatings are experienced painters of over 30 years so there’s no job too big or too small.
If you do need to or want to tackle the job yourself then ideally take the door off and remove the hinges and door handles and then you don’t have to worry. Not everyone is handy with a drill or comfortable taking doors on and off. They are heavy and awkward and getting them in and out of the house can be just as awkward sometimes.
So, if you can’t do any of the above we recommend the following:

  1. Apply painters tape over the hinges
  2. Press it down so it adheres to the hinge section well
  3. Use a sharp Stanley knife to trim around the hinge creating a mask. Don’t forget if your hinges are the style that also has a cutout section in the middle then cut that out too
  4. Then apply your paint

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Extra wallpaper? 11 great DIY tips from our residential painter Sydney

  1. Artwork: frame a piece of wallpaper and hang in another room. Do you have multiple designs or textures? Create a focal point and do a grid or similar design
  2. Bedhead
  3. Wardrobe doors
  4. Pegboard: to give it a lift and more modern feel
  5. Storage tins and jars: cover to spruce them up. Great for teacher gifts or other little thank you gifts at Christmas or just because
  6. Bookshelves: line the shelves themselves or adhere to the back of the bookcase or even under the shelves depending on the height
  7. Book covers: cover the books and then add a clear layer of contact for longevity
  8. Drawers: line the insides or use on the outside to make a feature
  9. Mirror or picture frame: cover the frame and give an old mirror or picture frame a new lease of life
  10. To wrap presents either completely or as an accent
  11. A privacy shade for a window or door

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Leftover paint? Here’s our DIY tips from our residential painter Sydney

  • Artwork –use your leftover paint on a canvas and create an abstract design
  • Bookshelves – either the shelves or the back of the bookcase to make a feature or spruce it up
  • Picture frames: to decorate and create a unique colour or design
  • Furniture – tables, chairs, dressers, bed heads, etc
  • Countertops
  • Get crafty with the kids
  • Decorate pots

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DIY tips to get the kids involved with leftover wallpaper and paint from our residential painter Sydney

Depending on your child’s age will determine what is suitable for them to do and how much you need to help. But here are some general ideas which might be good to do over the school holidays. You can always adapt to suit their age and ability too.

  • Cover and decorate wooden coat hangers. A great and practical gift idea
  • Repaint kid’s outdoor furniture if it’s outdoor paint
  • Help spruce up a piece of furniture
  • Create a craft project – line a tray, decorate a picture frame or mirror
  • Origami with the wallpaper
  • Decoupage with wallpaper. Apply to any surface you wish really
  • Decorate a pot plant
  • Create wall art. If you’re using wallpaper you could always let your children into the craft supplies too and they could add their own touches

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Who to call when you need wallpapering and painting done?

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