Have you noticed your decking is starting to look a little tired? Deck staining tips from our Northern Beaches residential painters will help. We can help you get your deck looking brand new again! In the harsh Australian climate decks can warp, buckle and degrade easily without proper sealing. This is especially prevalent in the Northern Beaches and North Shore areas of Sydney. So, before you begin your project, read below our top tips for staining your Northern Beaches deck.

Preparation is key for staining your Northern Beaches deck

Our Northern Beaches residential painters know a thing or two about preparation. Just like painting anything, the surface needs to be cleaned well first. Northern Beaches residential painters suggest using a good high-pressure cleaner to clean your deck. As the saying goes ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’.

Fix repairs on your deck before you start staining

Our Northern Beaches residential painters don’t just paint! We also know how to spot any remedial repairs that need attention. You will need to do this too if you’re planning on staining your deck. Have a good look over the entire deck for any:

  • Rough patches
  • Broken sections
  • Loose or broken nails

Northern Beaches residential painters’ tip is to ensure all repairs are fixed before you begin recoating your deck.

Northern Beaches residential painter deck staining tips from Summit Coatings

Always test your product first

Before you apply the stain, make sure you test it. Our Northern Beaches residential painters know all too well the cost of not testing your products first! Unlike paint, the wood your deck is made of determines the colour of the stain. Different woods will show very different results from the same stain. Make sure you test to see if the sample stain you’ve purchased gives the results you want.

Northern Beaches residential painters never mix their coatings!

This is an important one. Ensure you never mix oil and water based coats. You can only use the same product that’s already on your deck. If you want to use a different coat, you will need to sand back your deck and start again. Obviously, it’s easier to stick with the same type of stain but it’s also not impossible to change!

Follow basic DIY deck staining tutorials

Sikkens wood care system is our Northern Beaches residential painters’ product of choice. Just like the Taubmans Endure paint we use, we believe it is the best product available. If you’re attempting a DIY deck staining project, make sure you do your research first. The Sikkens website has some great video tutorials to help you. Following a step by step tutorial will help you get the best results.

Timber restoration award winning residential painters Northern Beaches Summit Coatings

If you don’t feel like attempting a DIY deck staining project, we can help! Summit Coatings aren’t just the best residential painter in the Northern Beaches and North Shore. We are also very experienced in staining wood and cedar features. We were even finalists for the 2016 MPA Timber Restoration award for our above project! With decades of experience and an award-winning team, you can be confident you’re getting the best service. Contact us today to discuss your next project.


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