Creating a feature wall by the best painters in North Shore is really the way to go if you want to add some “wow” factors to your interior rooms. The use of a feature wall is a great way to encompass trends, add impact or highlight a room’s feature. By creating a feature wall and then using some home interiors to complement the feature wall is a fantastic way to link your room design together.
The more common feature wall options are paint and wallpaper. Within these options you have more options with finishes:

  • Sheen
  • Shine
  • Patterns

Then you have other feature wall options such as wood panelling, wall murals as well as stunning and realistic faux finishes you can get with wallpaper.

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What is a feature wall?

Feature walls are an accent wall that is different from other walls in the room, therefore, making it a “feature” wall. Feature walls encompass:

  • Subtle change in paint shade or tone
  • Bold pop of colour
  • Stripes or polka dots
  • A mirror or artwork piece that is the focus

When planning your feature wall what do you want to achieve in the way of ambience – relaxed, coastal, sophisticated, trendy and the list goes on. If using a bold colour isn’t within your comfort zone, think outside the box a little and use a softer shade or tone and add some interest with stripes or shapes.

  • Polk dots or stripes can be fun in a child’s room
  • Wallpaper can be fantastic for all rooms with the array of colour and texture options available
  • Some wallpaper companies offer a custom solution too to create a truly unique feature so you can have a special photograph turned into wallpaper

You can also use mirrors or a special piece of artwork or photography piece as your showcase piece on your feature wall.
If you are in need of some inspiration Pinterest is a great tool.

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Dos and Don’ts of feature walls from the best painters in North Shore, Summit Coatings

Here are some do and don’ts we recommend using as a guide for choosing and executing a feature wall in your home.


  • Use sparingly around your home.
  • Coordinate your feature wall to blend with the rest of the room but it’s important to have a showcase/standout element to it
  • Showcase a wall that has something distinctive about it or is screaming out to showcase a feature
  • Use a wall that showcases a fireplace or an amazing piece of furniture or piece of artwork


  • Have a feature wall in every room in your home. A “feature” wall is a feature for a reason and using too frequently throughout your home can lose its impact and style prowess
  • Don’t go completely into left field when choosing your features wall paint colour or texture. If it doesn’t blend with the rest of the room/home then it may be time to rethink your concept
  • Avoid walls that have lots of doors and windows as it detracts from your feature
  • Don’t necessarily make the biggest wall in your room the feature wall. Think about how the room works and layout, etc before deciding.

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Why choose the best painters in North Shore, Summit Coatings?

We are here for you and want you to be happy and proud of your home. If you are unsure what wall is best to use when showcasing your feature wall, that’s not a problem. We are happy to discuss what you are wanting and make our recommendations when we come out to quote for the project. Just contact us now to book in. we can also provide colour or pattern advice too.


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