As a trusted North Shore painter, we understand that great results come from great preparation.
A key factor to preparation is sorting the clutter we seem to unknowingly accumulate in our busy lives.
The rate at which we seem to collect goods and chattels which can make our homes feel hectic and busy never ceases to amaze me. One minute we’ve cleared the sideboard to display our prized family photos, and the next minute that bowl of junk and pile of papers has made its way back there.
Whilst collecting clutter seems to just be a part of life, there are some clever tricks you can use to inject a feeling of calm and serenity in the home (and keep it there).

Smart storage

Once upon a time, super sleek and long wearing storage systems where only available from pricey storage-specialist retailers so you could be forgiven to resorting to the ceramic bowl you were given for Christmas from your auntie. Now, with the practical and stylish solutions available at major retailers like Big W, Target, Kmart and even Aldi, there’s no excuse as to why those school newsletters, catalogues and discount fuel vouchers aren’t living in a specially designed filing system which match the exact colour of your kitchen benchtops.
Make a list of everything in your home which doesn’t yet have a home, then hit the shops and find the right solution. Not only will it make sure your home stays neat and tidy, you’ll acquire peace of mind knowing where you put everything! For some smart storage ideas click here.

Visual clutter-free zones

Flipping through magazines you can be forgiven for thinking that no one actually lives in these feature homes, right? The truth is, whilst that coffee table features only perfectly stacked coffee table books and a single vase, look further and notice there’s actually a stylish cane basket underneath storing the TV guide, trashy magazines and Playstation remotes.
The trick is to distract yourself with what you want the eye to see. Prioritise what you want to have on display, then go back to step one; smart storage, and find a way to put the everyday items out of sight. If you need some helpful tips on organising all types of rooms check out this link.

Soothing colour palettes

One of the easiest ways to ensure your home feel calm and spacious is to use neutral, light colours on surfaces. By ensuring your backdrop is a clean palette, you have more room to move with filling the rooms. Think whites, pale blues, pale greens and light creams to get the most out of your home. Use our ‘Natural Woodlands’ colour palette for inspiration.  (Link to New Year, New Colour Trends)
For help choosing your soothing colour palette click here. 
For more information on using colour to bring calm to your home, call Summit Coatings on 02 9973 3131, email or if you are interested in booking a quote click here.