If you decided that 2016 was the year you repainted the house we’ve got some news for you; we’re almost half way through! With June and winter fast approaching, don’t stress about getting that project off the ground; instead consider using Summit Coatings as your residential painters. And keep in mind, winter is in fact one of the best times of year to have your house painted.

More availability

The lead up to Christmas can get scary. Shopping malls are overflowing, the grocery store starts running out of particulars, and residential painters are booked out for months in advance (if they’re any good, anyway). Winter is the perfect time to get your home looking spick and span for the entertaining season, without having to search around for the one painter who’s still available (and you don’t want to risk finding out why they could do it at such short notice…). By engaging your residential painter well in advance, you have ample time to find a nice colour scheme, use a colour consultant if you desire, and have the job completed.

Dry air helps paint dry

Humidity increases in Sydney’s warmer months, and this increased moisture in the air means those coats of paint take longer to dry. Summit Coatings only uses premium paint for their clients, so generally issues like humidity do have only a marginal effect on the product, however extreme humidity can pose problems. The dry air we experience in winter does assist in drying the paint, which means we can get back on with the job faster.

Avoiding the sweaty tradesman

This one isn’t so much a “technical” point, more something else to consider. If you plan on staying at home during your residential repaint, it’s much more pleasant for you if your trades are a little cooler, than sweating in the summer heat.

Less rain days

In Sydney, Winter has less rain days than Summer. If you’re only tackling the interior then this may not be as much of an issue (although as mentioned the moisture in the air could delay drying time), however for an external residential repaint, a couple of days of rain could really affect your project deadline. By having your home painted in winter, you’ve got the best odds of having your residential repaint completed on time (or even before!).
If you’re hoping to have your residential repaint project finished well in time for Christmas, now is the time to act! Contact Summit Coatings today for a free quote.